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CME Insider's Blog Posts

Navigating ADA Compliance Requirements for Medical Facilities

Equipping Your Blood Bank: Essential Equipment

Bariatric Medical Equipment Buyer's Guide

Managing Complex Medical Equipment Procurement: A Case Study

5 Benefits of Automated Ultrasound Probe Disinfection

Attracting and Retaining ASC Staff with Medical Equipment

Hospital Bed Buying Guide for Healthcare Facilities

Why Healthcare Should Switch to Integrated Medical Scales

Benefits of Stainless Steel Cabinets in Operating Rooms

Why Medical Facilities Need Medical Equipment Delivery Services

What are the Different Types of Patient Lifts

Medical Equipment Guide for VA Medical Centers & Hospitals

Medical Construction Projects: Procuring Division 11 Equipment

Maximize the Efficiency of Healthcare Storage Now and Tomorrow

Ensuring Safety: Fume Hood Installation Best Practices Checklist

How Biomedical Technicians Keep Retail Health Clinics Running

Increasing Patient Comfort: A Guide to Medical Warming Cabinets

Using Weighing Scales for Therapeutic Blood Drawing Procedures

Keeping Patients Safe: A Complete Review of Patient Alarms

Medical Equipment Planning and Group 1 Medical Equipment

Checklist for Joint Commission Inspections of Medical Equipment

Why Stainless Steel is the Clear Choice for Medical Equipment

Why Surgical Smoke Evacuation in the OR is Important

Medical Refrigerator Buying Guide

Which Thermometer Do Hospitals and Doctors Use?

Hospital Crash Cart Setup Checklist

Buying Capital Medical Equipment: Key Considerations

Biomedical Maintenance Services: Benefits and Considerations

7 Steps to Accreditation by The Joint Commission

Giving Thanks For The Benefits of Medical Recliners

IV Poles: A Complete Buying Guide

Short on Healthcare Workers? Seek Out Military Veterans

Behavioral Health Center:Choosing the Right Furniture Matters

Anesthesia Cart Setup Checklist

Equipping Breakrooms to Help Improve Morale and Efficiency

Types of Medical Carts: Their Benefits and Features

UV Disinfection: Upping the Ante on Infection Control

Three Big Benefits of Surgical Centers

Increasing Workflow Efficiencies with Automation Enabled by AI

Medical Equipment Cart Buyer's Guide

Pediatric Equipment List: Guide to Pediatric Tools and Equipment

Medical Exam Table Buying Guide

Diagnostic Wall System Buying Guide

Sterilization Equipment for Healthcare: A Buyer's Guide

Continuum of Care, Positive Patient Experience, and Profitability

Physical Therapy Equipment List: Tools Used in Physical Therapy

Why Mobile Health Clinics are Important

5 Ways Space Saving Medical Equipment Improves Workflow in Retail Clinics

10 Ways to Know You Are Buying “Sustainable” Medical Equipment

Leading and Succeeding: CME's Cindy Juhas

Safe & Sound: 6 Reasons Sterilization Equipment is a Healthcare Imperative

What Makes a Great Surgical Light?

Leading with Kindness: John Waller Biomedical Services Manager

The Role of HL7 in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Landscape

How Mobile Telehealth Carts are Revolutionizing Hospitals Amid Labor Shortages

Nurturing Independence: Must Have Equipment for Rehabilitation Centers

Six Ways CME Biomedical Technicians Support Healthcare Biomed Departments

9 ADA Suggested Features to Look for in Patient Accessible Exam Tables

Solving the Problem of Age Diversity and Exam Tables

It's the Little Things: Medical Equipment's Big Impact on Patient Experience

Replace or Repair Medical Equipment - How do You Decide?

Together Everyone Achieves More

Healthcare Associated Infections: We've Come a Long Way But We Aren't There Yet

Work-Life Balance and Professional Success - You Bet!

Fire Up the Grills, May is Military Appreciation Month!

Short on Shelf Space? Optimize With High-Density Shelving

Assault and Verbal Abuse Are Not Part Of the Job

Sustainability, We Are All in This Together

Efficiency, Staff Retention & Saving Money: Think Medical Equipment

Higher Levels of Care With Streamlined Cardiology Systems

CME Corp Reduces Waste in Healthcare Construction Projects

Do You Know Where Your Equipment Assets Are Located?

Procure-to-Pay for Healthcare: 4 Ways Your Distributor Partner Can Help

Planning, Flexibility, and Problem-Solving: The Keys to a Successful Project

4 Considerations When Choosing a Point-of-Care Wall Workstation

Healthcare Staffing Shortages: 4 Ways CME Can Help

How to Pick the Right Workstation for Your Hospital’s Nurses

Two Ways CME Corp. Helps with Outfitting Pediatric Hospitals for RSV Surges

The Essentials of Patient-Centered Healthcare Furniture

3 Ways Oakworks Ergonomic Ultrasound Tables Can Help Sonographers Avoid Injury

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Utility Carts

3 Essential Upgrades to Surgical Case Carts

Match Your Cardiology Devices to Fit Your Care Needs

3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Refurbished or Used Equipment

The Healthcare Equipment Supply Chain: Is It Improving?

Averting Risk When Moving Beds in a Hospital

Fixing Common Crash Cart Issues with Imaginative Solutions

Transcription Errors: Solving an Urgent Challenge

Government Healthcare Equipment Procurement Solutions

3 Ways Pedigo's Space Station Saves Your OR Time & Money

3 Ways HIDA Helps Distributors, Manufacturers, and Healthcare Providers

3 Ways TransMotion Stretcher-Chairs Save Healthcare Facilities Time & Money

Health o meter® Professional New Acute Care Scales: Adding Value to Healthcare

The 3 Pillars of Better BP®

Military Appreciation Month - John Waller (USAF)

A Start-Up Checklist when Building a New Physical Therapy Clinic

Corepoint™ Scientific Blood Bank Refrigerators and Plasma Freezers

Three Ways CME Can Support New Equipment Biomedical Check-In’s

RUST: The Silent Threat to Infection Control

Covid-19 and the Ukraine-Russia War Continue to Challenge the Healthcare Equipment Supply Chain

Is Your AED Approved?

3 Ways Comfortex Mattresses Can Help Healthcare Facilities Reach Their Goals

The Importance of PFT in 'Long COVID'

4 Key Tips to Keep in Mind for Your End-of-Budget-Year Procurement

3 Reasons to Choose the InnerSpace Ventaire™ Scope Drying & Tracking Cabinet

The Essential Crash Cart Supply Checklist

6 Ways Managing Equipment with RTLS Helps Design A Better Care Experience

Supporting Healthcare Workers with Enhanced Safety and Security

Why Regular Wheelchairs Just Won’t Do!

4 Ways CME Can Help You Cope with Healthcare Equipment Delays

Healthcare-Associated Infections Beyond the ACA: Download the eBook Here

3 Ways to Prevent Falls While Maintaining Safety in a Medical Facility

Minimize Vaccine Waste by Adhering to the New NSF Vaccine Standard

6 Unique Product Solutions for Your HAI Issues

3 Ways COVID-19 Can Affect Your Joint Commission Inspections

4 Equipment Delivery and Setup Keys For Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare Dilemma: How to Effectively Disinfect Small Handheld Devices

Checklist of Emergency Medical Equipment Must-Haves

7 Supply Chain Management Best Practices

A Checklist of Healthcare Equipment for your Ambulatory Surgery Center

Getting the Most From Your GPO Contract: The Value of Distributor Contracts

5 Characteristics of Capital Medical Equipment

A Medical Equipment List for Your Primary Care Practice

CME Corp: The 'Easy Button' for Buying Healthcare Equipment

Three Ways to Augment Your Hand Hygiene Program

A Medical Equipment List of Must-Haves for Your New Exam Room

Designing a Positive Point-of-Care Experience

PVC Alternatives for Eco-Friendly Furnishings

Three Ways CME Can Assist with Your New Vaccination Clinic

7 Differences Between Pharmaceutical-Grade and Household Refrigerators

Post-Pandemic Tips for New Hospital Construction and Renovation

PAPR vs. N95 Respirator: Why One Healthcare System Chose PAPRs

Four Ways CME Can Make Your Next Veterans Home Project a Success!

4 Keys for Successful Healthcare Facility Equipment Installations

Give Me Your Capital Equipment Request & I will Give You Peace of Mind

Enhance Operational Efficiencies & Reduce Costs with Smart Curtains

Transparency in Supply Chain Management: The Key to On-Time Delivery

Facing the Challenges of Weighing Immobile Patients

COVID-19's Effect on Healthcare | The Rise in Telemedicine

How Metro met Healthcare Needs during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Is Your Healthcare Facility Prepared for the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Why Vision Screening Should Be on the “Back to School List”

4 Reasons to Purchase Medical Equipment from Equipment Specialists

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Patients' Schedules & Equipment Delivery

9 Things You Should Know About Direct-To-Site Deliveries

Everything You Need to Know about Temporal Thermometers

When the Pandemic Subsides, What Do You Do With Your Excess Equipment?

Four Ways CME Can Facilitate Pandemic Preparedness Equipment

Optimizing Efficiency in Your Healthcare Construction Project    

Enhancing Care During COVID-19 Pandemic with seca

Facilitating Healthcare Supply Chains Nationwide with Critical Medical Equipment Needed for COVID-19

How to Select the Best Exam Table for Your Healthcare Facility

What are the Different Types of Exam Tables?

Five eco-friendly purchases that reduce your facility’s waste stream

Six Ways CME Has Supplemented Biomedical Departments in Healthcare Systems

Weighing Patients: More Than Meets the Eye

Capital Equipment Budgets- 3 Ways CME Can Help

Taking Green Initiatives to the New Medical Facility Construction Site

100 Healthcare Facilities Poised to Save Significant Time and Money

How Equipment Disposition Becomes a Profit Generator

Partners Cooperative and CME Corp Team to Increase Access to Healthcare Logistics and Technical Services

Going Metric is “Weigh Easier” with KG-Only Scales from Health o Meter Professional

Time is Money, That's Why CME and Premier Inc. Built a New Direct-to-Site Logistics Services Agreement

80 Percent of CME Real Jobs Trainees Secure Full-Time Positions at CME Corp.

Another Complicated Supply Chain Challenge is Solved!

The War Against Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) Includes Cellphones

CME Expands with a Restructured Sales Team

CME Teams With One of Nations Largest Group Purchasing Organizations

Over 50% of New Healthcare Construction Projects Do Not Finish on Time: 4 Ways CME360 Can Help

CME Corp Debuts Software Solutions to Automate Logistics, Direct-to-Site Services

CME Corp Named a Top Performing Supplier by Attainia

Eco-Friendly Solutions For Building a Green Healthcare Facility

Value-Based Healthcare & Biomed. Departments: 4 Problems CME Corp Can Solve

CME CORP Names Director of Kaiser Sales

SECA looks to reduce America’s 20 million tons of e-waste

Supply Chain Solutions: Cultivating Successful Collaborative Partnerships - Ebook

ivNow: An Eco-Friendly (and budget-smart) Decision

CME, Alliant Purchasing Strike Deal to Provide Services to Medical Community Nationwide

An Innovative Way to Treat Patients with Diabetic Retinopathy

Introducing the NEW CME Corp Healthcare Products and Services Guide

Responsible Eco-Friendly Refrigeration Solutions

Seeing Clearly for Better Diagnosis and Patient Outcomes

Next Generation Medication-Delivery

CME to Provide Exclusive Biomedical Services to CNECT Members

Important Things to Consider When Choosing Baby Bassinets

Solutions to TWO Common Problems of IV Stands

9 Ways CME Can Support Your Next Healthcare Construction Project

CME Names New Head of Biomedical Services

9 Features to Look For When Selecting Your Workstation on Wheels (WOWs)

CME Awarded Five-Year Contract with U.S. Department of Defense

Supply Chain Sustainability Solutions

Peer-Reviewed Study Shows 60% Reduction in HAI

The Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up The Present Day Operating Room

5 Reasons IO&Ts Choose CME

CME-GWS Collaboration Saves Time and Money at Remote Replacement Hospital

CME Doubles Warehouse Space in Southern California

MACRA and You: Making an Impact on the Metrics that Matter

Four Things to Consider when Selecting a Small Cart Solution

A Northeast Hospital's Crash Cart Redesign - Key Factors Considered

Supply-Chain collaboration saves time & money: CME and Ketchikan Medical Center

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