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CME Corp Staff

CME Corp Staff
CME Corp's staff explores and presents the latest findings, news, and trends of the healthcare industry.

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Pediatric Equipment List: Guide to Pediatric Tools and Equipment

By CME Corp Staff on Sep 25, 2023 11:45:00 AM

Equipping pediatric departments, clinics, and private pediatric practices with pediatric equipment designed for young patients is imperative for accurate diagnoses and effective treatment. Ensuring the safety and comfort of the youngest of patients contributes to positive experiences for both the child and clinician.

As babies grow into children and then adolescents their bodies change. For healthcare facilities this means curating a comprehensive inventory of specialized pediatric equipment for each phase of development.

CME Corp. is a trusted medical equipment distributor sourcing only quality pediatric equipment from leading manufacturers. We can help ensure that pediatric departments in healthcare facilities are properly equipped for young patients of all ages.

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Medical Exam Table Buying Guide

By CME Corp Staff on Sep 23, 2023 8:33:17 AM

Medical exam tables are a staple medical equipment asset in healthcare facilities across the nation. Back in the day patient exam tables were usually a flat surface supported by four solid legs. Those days are long gone.

Today, selecting the right medical exam table for the countless and diverse clinical settings is paramount. We live in an age where patient comfort and experience are key factors in the overall quality of the medical care provided.

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Diagnostic Wall System Buying Guide

By CME Corp Staff on Sep 23, 2023 8:07:55 AM

Anyone who has spent any time in the hospital knows just how often healthcare professionals come to the bedside to take and record vital signs or conduct a quick diagnostic exam.

Routine trips to the doctor’s office almost always start with the intake healthcare professional recording a patient’s body temperature, blood pressure, and pulse rate. Doctors reach for Ophthalmoscopes and Otoscopes within the first few minutes of an exam.

Quick diagnostic exams and monitoring vital signs are universal and crucial functions in healthcare, regardless of the facility or specialty.

Thoughtfully placed integrated diagnostic wall systemsmaximize the productivity of these tasks in a landscape challenged by staffing shortages.

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Sterilization Equipment for Healthcare: A Buyer's Guide

By CME Corp Staff on Sep 23, 2023 8:06:34 AM

According to the CDC, the disinfection and sterilization of medical devices and surgical instruments is essential for ensuring that infectious pathogens are not transmitted to patients.

Any time surgical instruments or medical devices encounter the internal tissues or mucous membranes of the body there is a risk that pathogens will be introduced that will lead to infection.

Hand hygiene, PPE, and safe needle practices top the list of measures for infection control. Sterilization equipment takes infection control in healthcare environments to the next level.

Understanding the types of sterilization in hospitals and identifying the medical sterilization equipment available in the market is a major step forward in preventing and eliminating healthcare-associated infections (HAI).

CME Corp. offers an array of laboratory, medical and hospital sterilization equipment to accommodate a broad range of sterilization requirements and budgets. This comprehensive guide and the CME team of product experts will help you choose the best sterilization equipment for your facility’s needs.

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Continuum of Care, Positive Patient Experience, and Profitability

By CME Corp Staff on Sep 19, 2023 7:45:00 AM

With maybe a few exceptions healthcare providers have chosen their profession because they care about people. Doctors, Nurses, and supporting healthcare staff would be fibbing if they said a smiling patient didn’t make them feel good about what they do.

But these days, smiling patients and positive patient experiences are affecting more than healthcare providers. Patient experiences can directly affect the profit margin of hospitals according to a Press Ganey analysis.

This is where the continuum of care model for healthcare enters the big picture.

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Physical Therapy Equipment List: Tools Used in Physical Therapy

By CME Corp Staff on Sep 15, 2023 11:23:13 AM

Physical Therapy (PT), a component of rehabilitation, aims to use forms of exercise to mitigate pain, increase mobility, and restore strength to the body following illness, injury, or surgery.

Exercises are often augmented with physical therapy equipmentto further develop endurance, function, flexibility, and movement.

Since no two physical therapy programs are identical, a physical therapist’s equipment list must be all encompassing. To answer the question, what equipment do physical therapists use’ the list should include a variety of evaluation and treatment tools. Specialized physical therapy equipment and exercise tools for home use in between appointments are also a must.

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Why Mobile Health Clinics are Important

By CME Corp Staff on Sep 13, 2023 11:45:00 AM

When we think about seeking medical care we think in terms of “going” to the doctor, clinic, or hospital. For many, if not most, Americans that is exactly what happens, we go.

But for some “going” to receive medical care or a wellness check-up is simply not an option.

Mobile health clinics or mobile clinics offer healthcare services to underserved communities or those living in remote, rural areas. These customized vehicles remove the transportation barriers to accessing medical care and bring healthcare services where they are needed.

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5 Ways Space Saving Medical Equipment Improves Workflow in Retail Clinics

By CME Corp Staff on Sep 6, 2023 7:45:00 AM

Seems everything is getting smaller these days. Parking spaces. Airline seating… Medical facilities.

With extended hours of operation, no appointment needed, and convenient locations, small retail clinics invite people with minor medical issues, like a pesky rash, to skip the perceived hassle of making an appointment with a physician and come to them.

Nestled near the pharmacy of their retail host, retail clinics measure between 200 and 500 square feet. These compact clinics are welcoming and strike a balance between a retail vibe and a hospital vibe. Commonly retail clinics offer one or two exam rooms and a reception desk.

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10 Ways to Know You Are Buying “Sustainable” Medical Equipment

By CME Corp Staff on Aug 29, 2023 10:02:36 AM

Quick, what comes to mind when you hear words like “environmentally friendly” and “responsible” or “sustainable”?

Recycling. Carbon Footprint. Medical Equipment.

Medical Equipment??? Yes!

Today, more and more facilities in the healthcare sector are pledging to adopt and implement comprehensive sustainability initiatives.

Purchasing “sustainable” medical equipment is one of many ways healthcare facilities are doing their part to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) and carbon footprints.

Sounds easy but short of painting all sustainably manufactured medical equipment green how does one know what is environmentally friendly and what is not?

Connect with your inner sleuth and hit the internet.

Most manufacturers who have invested in sustainable manufacturing practices are eager to share that news. A little bit of research on manufacturer websites will reveal their sustainability certifications, policies, and practices.

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