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What Makes a Great Surgical Light?

By Burton Medical, LLC on Aug 9, 2023 7:02:42 AM

What makes a great surgical light?

It depends on who you ask.

Ask four members of a surgical team what is important in a surgical light, and you will probably get four different answers.

In the operating room the roles and duties of each member of a surgical team define important lighting features. Whether in an Ambulatory Surgical Center, Hospital, or Clinic, for every role there are unique lighting requirements and pain points.

Ask Equipment Planners, Facility Managers, or Biomedical Engineers and they will tell you that technology, installation, and maintenance support are most important. 

So many different answers.

Why is that?

It comes down to the focus of the stakeholders.

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3 Essential Upgrades to Surgical Case Carts

By InterMetro Industries Corporation on Oct 13, 2022 9:07:19 AM

Since the latest COVID surge has died down, many hospitals and surgery centers are now tackling the mountain of backlogged surgeries. Healthcare facilities need to streamline surgical processes to maximize throughput. Choosing the right surgical cart is critical. Metro’s team is consistently looking for ways to make supply transport and storage easier and more efficient for healthcare professionals. While researching storage and transport requirements for sterile processing operations, our team noticed that case carts lacked key features that could improve workflow.

Facilities were improvising to make their processes work, like using soccer cones to identify cart status, needing mittens to pull carts out of the cart washer, and fighting with carts to keep them tracking in a straight line and going around corners. The lack of a designed solution caused unnecessary inefficiencies throughout the day-to-day activities.

Introducing Metro CaseVue™, the all-new case cart that is designed around the day-to-day operations of facilities with enhancements that remove the improv and allow the sterile processing department to work more efficiently.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up The Present Day Operating Room

By Dustin Spencer on Feb 8, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Building a new operating room is a complex process that involves balancing needs of facility staff with construction costs, while also looking forward to future healthcare trends.

To make planning and construction go smoothly, it helps to consider every possible variable at the outset of the growth process.

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