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Manufacturer Feature: Bovie Medical

The Top Ten Must Haves For Your New Exam Room

A Quick Checklist of Medical Equipment Items for Your Primary Care Clinic

CME Expands its Sales and Management Team with Hire of Director of National Contracts

Manufacturer Feature: Enthermics

Manufacturer Feature: Champion

Manufacturer Feature: Mid Central Medical

Top Trends in Healthcare: Supply Chain in the C-Suite

Enriching the Point of Care Experience through Meaningful Technology — Meet IQvitals® Zone™

The 3 Keys to a Successful New Construction Project

Don't be Shocked: Electrical Safety in the Healthcare Setting

Manufacturer Feature: Health o Meter® Professional

Manufacturer Feature: Metro

Healthcare Equipment Specialists: Who They Are & What They Do

Manufacturer Feature: seca

Medical Manufacturer Relationships: How to Maximize Their Value

Manufacturer Feature: Exergen 

Efficient Supply Chain Management In 5 Steps

Manufacturer Feature: Wolf X-Ray

9 Expectations You Should Have For Your Direct-To-Site Deliveries

Manufacturer Feature: Detecto

Regulatory Update: The New MDE Standards

3 Steps to Effective Off-Site, Non-Acute Biomed Equipment Management

When WOW’s and IT wall arms age: Best Practices and Effective Partnerships

The Connected Patient Room: IT Planning for Device Placement

Four Ways to Improve Your Hospital IT Department’s Efficiency

Press Release:  Clorox Healthcare and CME partner to help hospitals in the fight against HAI's

Why You Need CME as the "Go To" for Your Next Major Medical Construction Project

Exploring a Higher Level of Patient Experience

Healthcare Technology Challenges and Solutions for New Construction

Top Five Pain Points When Renovating a Health Care Facility

Healthcare Equipment Procurement Tips for New Construction

The Number One Partner Every Medical Equipment Planning Group Should Have

3 Challenges Related to Healthcare Facility Equipment Planning

Creating Positive Patient Experience through Innovative Medical Equipment Planning

PeaceHealth - The Story of a Hospital Expansion Project in Ketchikan, Alaska

4 Factors to Consider in a Healthcare Redesign Project

3 Reasons to Consider ADA Compliance When Purchasing Medical Equipment

Unexpected Challenges in Remodel and New Healthcare Facility Projects

How to Ensure Your Technology Is a Part of the Caregiving Conversation

Healthcare Equipment - Total Cost of Ownership Versus Price: Understanding the Difference

Key Project Management Support for Healthcare Equipment Planning

How to Solve the Top 5 Pain Points of Off-site Equipment Purchase

5 Reasons You Need to Use an Equipment-Focused Distributor for your Medical Office Project

CME Delivers: A Multi-Million Dollar Hospital Project Completion Story

Hamper Use for Infection Prevention

3 Important Factors in Choosing your VA Medical Equipment Distributor

5 Key Resources for your Non-Acute Capital Equipment Purchasing Decisions

How the PATH Act Affects the Medical Industry

Vision-Saving Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Device for Your Primary Care Practice

4 Key Considerations When Purchasing Weight Scales for Your Hospital

6 Tips For Outfitting Your New Healthcare Clinic

VA Construction Projects - Managing Equipment Delivery

6 Key Features of Direct-to-Site Medical Equipment Delivery

The Benefits of a Purchase Order Tracking Process

Avoiding Cost Overruns for Your VA Hospital Building Project

7 Key Takeaways from the ACE Summit

Navigating the IO&T Purchase Process.

4 Equipment Delivery and Setup Keys For Your Healthcare Facility

Five Mistakes to Avoid in Healthcare Facility Planning

5 Key Advantages of Medical Equipment Standardization

Workflow Design Recommendations for Specialty Medical Centers

The Added Value of Supply Chain Management

Five Key Elements of Patient-Centered Physician Office Design

5 Ways to Improve Medical Equipment Procurement Efficiency

Best Practices for Supply Chain Management

3 Questions to Ask to avoid Hidden Costs when Ordering Capital Equipment

What is a Medical Equipment Specialist?

Three Tips for Choosing the Right Vital Signs Devices for Your Facility

The categories of products you need when outfitting your new medical facility

5 Hidden Costs to be Aware of When Ordering Capital Medical Equipment

6 Key Considerations for a Successful EHR Implementation

4 Key Things to Keep in Mind for Your End of Budget Year Equipment Spending

3 Things to Keep in Mind when Scheduling the Delivery of your Capital Equipment Purchase

Five Keys for Efficient Medical Equipment Procurement

Saving Money with Distributor-Recommended Substitutions

Getting Best Pricing and Reducing Your P.O's

The Importance of Pre-Planning for Successful Equipment Delivery

Improving the Efficiency of Receiving Capital Equipment

10 Quick Tips About Medical Capital Equipment Purchasing

The Value of Medical Manufacturer Relationships

Streamlining Workflow and Optimizing Equipment Delivery for Your Healthcare Facility Expansion

2 Important Elements in Your New Equipment Acquisition; Staging & Direct-to-Site Delivery

Advantages of Medical Industry Mergers and Acquisitions

Five Key Planners You Need for Your New Medical Facility Project

A Quick Check-List of Medical Equipment Items for Your Primary Care Practice

Move Management and Hospital Transition Planning: 6 Key Elements to Keep in Mind

5 Key Considerations for Satellite Facility Medical Equipment Deliveries

5 Attributes of Capital Equipment

6 Unique Product Solutions for Your HAI Issues

3 Success Keys for Your Expansion Project

4 Key Tips for Capital Medical Equipment Purchasing for Your Off-Site Locations

5 Keys to Proper Setup of Medical Equipment

Give Me Your Medical Equipment Request and I will Give You Ease of Mind

Market Segmentation for the Medical Equipment Distributor

Items That Should Be Remembered in Your Capital Purchasing Order

Acute vs. Non-Acute Markets: Is There a Difference When Purchasing Capital Equipment?

The Importance of Utilizing "Social" Networking in the Medical Industry

How to Evaluate Your Medical Equipment Distributor

Getting the Most from Your Amerinet Contract

Getting the Most From Your GPO Contract: The Value of Distributor Contracts

CME Project Assessment

3 Steps to Avoid Costly Last Minute Items: Planning Best Practices for your Hospital Equipment Project

The Basic Equipment Needed in Hospital Exam Rooms

The Advantages of Using a Medical Equipment Specific Distributor

4 Key Advantages of Product Equipment Standardization

A Checklist for Standardizing Medical Equipment Purchases

5 Characteristics of Capital Equipment

The People Who Should be Involved in Purchasing Capital Equipment

Avoid These Risks by Using Direct-to-Site Delivery

End of Budget Year Equipment Spending: 4 Key Things to Remember

5 Top Advantages to Direct-to-Site Delivery Service

7 Supply Chain Management Best Practices

Supply Chain Can Reduce Rising Healthcare Costs

Healthcare Logistics and Supply Chain Management: How They Go Hand-in-Hand

Cost Savings Advantages with Direct-to-Site Delivery

Why Supply Chain Management Adds Value (for Customers)

Financing Your Hospital Construction Project

Equipment Planners and Your New Construction Project: 5 Things You Should Know

Hospital Space Planners: Planning Hospitals of the Future

Capital Equipment Purchasing: How to Save Time and Money

6 Critical Elements of a Successful New Hospital Construction Project

6 Quick Steps to Outfitting Your New Healthcare Clinic

Managing Multiple Vendors: A Medical Equipment Planner's Guide

CME's Purchase Order Tracking Process

New Hospital Construction: 3 Ways to Keep the Hospital CEO Happy

A Medical Distributor's Role in Supply Chain Management of Equipment

The Pros and Cons of Working with a Medical Equipment Distributor vs. Multiple Vendors

5 Steps to Efficient Supply Chain Management in Healthcare

The Cost of Medical Equipment Concealed Damage

Creating a Timeline for Your Direct-to-Site Delivery

4 Key Takeaways From A Recent Hospital Procurement Study

7 Key Considerations When Assembling Hospital Wire Shelving Systems

Why We Love Working With Hospital Space Planners (And You Should, Too!)

Cost Vs. Value: How to Evaluate Your Next Equipment Delivery Project

Why Pre-Planning is Vitally Important to Successful Equipment Delivery

A Complete List of Medical Equipment Must Haves for Your New Exam Room

5 Common Misconceptions About Healthcare Facility Planning

New GPO Contract for Hospital Associates

[Customer Case Study] Documented Savings on a Direct-to-Site Delivery

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Patient's Schedules And Equipment Delivery

4 Things About Medical Capital Equipment Your Boss Wants To Know

Direct-To-Site Delivery: 6 Key Elements That Save You Time And Money

4 Essential Components For Smooth Medical Capital Equipment Acquisition, Delivery And Installation

4 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Your Hospital Equipment From An Equipment Specialist

9 Things You Should Know About Direct-To-Site Deliveries

4 Keys for Successful Healthcare Facility Equipment Installation

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