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6 Unique Product Solutions for Your HAI Issues

By CME Corp Staff | September 7, 2021

While preventing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) has always been a top priority for healthcare providers, the COVID-19 pandemic fueled a large jump in HAIs by fourth quarter of 2020.  While equipment such as ventilators and catheters are top of mind during infection prevention discussions, there are other product solutions that you may not have thought of.

Here are six unique product solutions that will help control environmental risk factors for HAI.

Disposable Curtains

Laundering cubicle curtains on a daily basis isn’t always a practical solution.  Not only is it disruptive to the patients, but it also requires manpower—a commodity that’s often in short supply in healthcare facilities.  Disposable curtains provide a solution. Consider the benefits:

  • 100% recyclable.
  • Can be switched out within seconds without the use of ladders.
  • Changing is quieter and less disruptive to patients.
  • Reduces the risk of HAI.
  • Eliminates cost of laundering curtains in high infection areas.
  • Cuts labor costs significantly.

Interested in learning more about better managing your curtain exchanges? Check out our blog on how to Enhance Operational Efficiencies and Reduce Costs with Smart Curtains.

Touch-Free Thermometers

Every second counts in a healthcare facility and touch-free thermometers can help increase the speed and efficiency of patient care. Advantages include:

  • No required skin contact.
  • Accurate temperatures taken from the center of the patient’s forehead with infrared sensor.
  • Safe, comfortable patient experience.
  • Minimal risk of cross contamination.

Antimicrobial Touch Screen Shields

Surfaces—such as touch screens—that are touched frequently by staff and/or patients can provide a breeding ground for infections and pose a significant health risk. With antimicrobial touch screen shields, the moisture left behind by the fingers is used to create an ionic reaction. As silver ions are released, they bind to the cellular enzymes of microbes. Since silver ions are positively charged, they disrupt the electrical balance of the negatively charged microbes, resulting in the destruction of the cell.

By using antimicrobial touch screen shields, you’ll enjoy:

  • Chemical resistant, antimicrobial product protection.
  • Medical grade protection to touch screen equipment.
  • Screens that appear optically clear and brand new.
  • Extended screen life.
  • Reduced need/cost of repair.

Antimicrobial Scales

Scales are another high-traffic surface that can contribute to the spread of HAI. Antimicrobial scales also use silver ionic technology, embedded into the hand rails that patients grab onto, to suppress the growth of microorganisms. This reduces patient and staff exposure to health threats and reduces the risk of HAI.

Cleanable Screen Televisions

Traditionally, healthcare grade televisions have featured solid construction, grounded power supplies, enhanced safety features and universal pillow speaker support. Cleanable screen televisions take this technology a few steps further with:

  • Rounded corners that provide additional safety.
  • Antimicrobial plastic and gorilla glass that reduce chances of HAI.
  • Capacitive touch controls that are convenient for nurses and visitors.

Isolation/Infection Carts

When dealing with infections that aren’t as responsive to drug treatment, such as MRSAs and VREs, minimizing the chances of cross-contamination becomes imperative.  Isolation/infection carts provide a solution.

  • The mere presence of isolation/infection cart serves as visual reminder of correct protocol.
  • Isolation/infection carts keep necessary supplies—such as medical gloves and hand sanitizer—well organized, visually available and easily accessible to hospital staff and visitors.
  • Carts are coated with silver ion paint with antimicrobial properties, and help reduce the chances of HAI for other patients, as well as hospital staff and visitors.

CME has specialized in healthcare equipment for over 30 years.  Contact us today for more information on specific equipment designed for preventing HAIs in your healthcare facility.

About CME: CME Corp is the nation’s premier source for healthcare equipment, turnkey logistics, and biomedical services, representing 2 million+ products from more than 2,000 manufacturers.

With two corporate offices and 35+ service centers, our mission is to help healthcare facilities nationwide reduce the cost of the equipment they purchase, make their equipment specification, delivery, installation, and maintenance processes more efficient, and help them seamlessly launch, renovate and expand on schedule.

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