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The Products Categories You Need to Outfit Your New Medical Facility

By CME Corp Staff | December 12, 2015

The task of opening a new medical facility is a huge undertaking.  It requires licensing, permits, community consensus, and financial support to make it happen.  Once you’ve got all of that sorted out, you get to the fun part, buying everything you need to outfit your new facility.

But it’s not all swivel stools and stethoscopes.  Outfitting a clinic means furniture, computers, lighting, shelving, AND medical equipment.

Consider the various areas to equip in your build-out

You’ll have multiple different areas to think about as you create your list of products you need for the job.  Most medical facilities will have at least the following rooms:

  • Reception / Waiting Room

  • Nurses Station

  • Exam Room

  • Treatment Room

  • Doctor’s Office

  • Break Room

  • Restrooms

  • Laboratory

  • File Room

  • Utility Room

  • Environmental Services Closet

  • Storage Room

  • Specialty Room


  • IT Server Room

and possibly even:

  • Patient Room

  • Operating Room

  • Pre-Op Area

  • Recovery

  • Physical Therapy Room

  • Sterile Work Area

  • Lockers

  • Scrub Area

  • Cafeteria

  • Pharmacy

  • Imaging

  • Cast Room

  • Biomed Workroom

  • Receiving Area

  • Nursery

  • Emergency or Trauma Room

  • Autopsy Room

  • Central Supply

  • And more….

The medical equipment you’ll need is vast including surgical instruments and tables, MRI equipment, diagnostic equipment, and physical therapy equipment.  But you’ll also need non-medical equipment including furniture, lighting, wire-shelving, televisions, monitors, computers, peripherals and accessories.  For the break room you’ll need kitchen appliances.  For the file room, doctor’s office, and nurse's’ station you’ll need shelving and storage.  And you’ll need environmental services supplies everywhere in the facility.

Plan resources for dealing with the logistics of the multiple purchases.

As with any facility build-out, organizing, ordering, and managing these purchases requires time and resources far beyond the normal day to day operations of the facility.  With medical projects, the planning and logistics are even more difficult because of the specific medical equipment needed and the tasks that go with receiving, storing, assembling and delivering them.  Finding a medical equipment supplier is only part of the challenge because of the amount of non-medical equipment you need.

Look for an equipment supplier with BREADTH OF PRODUCT

That’s why breadth of product matters.  A medical supplier that covers all of these areas of purchases can help make this overwhelming task much more manageable.

At Claflin Medical Equipment, 99% of our business is equipment sales, and it covers all areas including IT equipment, furniture, wire-shelving, electronics, environmental services supplies, and medical equipment.  With thousands of products in a vast list of categories available to us, we can help you outfit your facility with confidence.

Our website also offers you the ability to shop and procure the items yourself. At a minimum, we hope that you’ll look through our offerings as you’re thinking through your project. You can order items online, or contact us and discuss our services to procure, deliver, and install what you need.

We have three ways to browse the products you’ll need.

Equipment - This section lists all of our medical equipment, both by the item name and the manufacturer.  You can also enter a term under TYPE TO FILTER and the list will be reduced to more specific items.

Manufacturers - With over 2,000 manufacturers, we are proud to provide our customers with a vast assortment to choose from.  Browse through and see all our offerings under your favorite brand.  This page also has the TYPE TO FILTER search option.

Pre-owned - We also stock pre-owned/refurbished items that will help with your budget for high-dollar long-life items. Browse through to see if you can cut some costs here.  These items will also show up in a search from the other pages.

As you start the job to build out your new facility, remember that at CME Corp, our job is to help you make it happen.

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