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How to Select the Best Exam Table for Your Healthcare Facility

By Binta Paye | March 10, 2020

From leading manufacturers like Midmark, Brewer, MTI and more, exam tables were designed to meet the real life diagnostic needs and convenience of the medical professionals who will be using them. 

Available in a multitude of sizes, styles, and configurations, medical exam tables offer a wonderful range of choices, making it easy to find the right table you've been looking for. After reading about the different types of exam tables, you can see that there’s an exam table for any diagnostic activity, clinical setting, and every patient population.

Whether you're looking to furnish your office, clinic, or hospital, there are many options with specific features or functions to make your patients feel comfortable, while also helping you to better perform examinations and treatments.

We are here to help you facilitate the process of selecting the best exam tables for your facility. Keep reading to increase your knowledge of medical exam tables, so you can be confident in your decision.

1. Determine the Purpose

What type of facility do you have? What will the unit be used for? There is an exam table fit for every medical practice. It’s important to answer these questions to make sure your decision meets the overall purpose of your facility. 

2. Keep your Patients and Staff in Mind

Who are your prospective patients? If they’re children, toddlers, and babies, pediatric exam tables would be the best option. If you operate a chiropractic care practice or rehabilitation center, treatment tables may offer the most comfort and practicality for your patients. 

Keeping your patients at the forefront of your mind will help you determine the solution that directly meets their needs.

Your staff’s wellbeing is equally as important; they should feel comfortable assessing patients without strain or difficulty. By focusing on the needs of the patient and the caregiver, you’ll be able to determine the best exam tables to perform your everyday tasks.

3. ADA Compliance 

Is your exam room or, overall, facility accessible to people with disabilities? The American Disabilities Act requires all commercial and public facilities to be approachable and accommodating for all. As you look at different exam tables, be aware of the sizing and specifications of each table. Make sure your office is structured in a way that promotes functionality and efficiency, so caregivers and patients are able to move around easily.

4. Budget

Before you splurge on the first exam table you see, you will need to know your budget. Since you’re looking to outfit your exam room with the proper exam tables, establishing your budget early on will ensure you’re aligned with your financial objectives.

5. Practicality

There are many captivating exam tables on the market, but be wary of paying for fancy features and accessories that you don’t need. While something with all the bells and whistles might initially catch your eye, think about your medical field, along with what equipment will best support your practice. 

6. Consider the Lifetime Cost of the Equipment

Exam tables are like cars; regular, proper maintenance will help them last for a long time. Once you purchase your exam tables, you’ll need to get annual maintenance to ensure the best quality and service for your patients and staff. If you take care of your exam tables, they will take care of you.

7. Features

What characteristics will better suit the purpose of your facility? Characteristics may include contoured pads, stirrups, electric power, adjustability, storage space, tilting, reclining, etc. Depending on the needs of your facility, it’s important to think about the added features that will allow for the most efficient use. Incorporating specific features for your exam tables will help support the functions of your medical practice and ensure the best comfort for the assessment of your patients.

8. Options

Congratulations! After putting in a great deal of thought, intention, and effort, you’ve found the perfect exam tables for your facility.

Your final steps will be to determine which colors and sizes your facility is looking for. By considering the various color options and design features available, you will be able to customize your exam tables to perfectly reflect the atmosphere of your facility.

Our equipment specialists at CME Corp are here to help you furnish your medical center. Feel free to call us at call us at (800) 338-2372 or visit our website for more information.

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