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5 Ways to Improve Medical Equipment Procurement Efficiency

By CME Corp Staff | December 30, 2015

Medical equipment procurement is a critical factor in ensuring that the process of opening, moving, or even upgrading a medical facility is handled in a manner that both lets the doors open when planned, and delivers the level of service promised right from the start.

Purchasing managers and facility equipment administrators across the country are becoming increasingly aware of the vital importance of bringing efficiency to this fairly complex undertaking as the healthcare marketplace continues to dictate the need to both cut costs and increase quality performance.

One of the best ways to effectively streamline the overall process, of going from an empty facility to one which is fully equipped and ready to go, is to evaluate getting from point A to Z in systematically achievable steps.  With that in mind, let's take a look at 5 Ways to Improve Medical Equipment Procurement Efficiency.

  1. Reduce operational drag A major move in the direction of increased efficiency and streamlined management is that of breaking free of traditional paper-based, multi-step procedures that call for numerous purchase orders, departmental authorizations, reviews, comparisons, filing processes and related steps.  An automated procurement solution that helps to organize the process is a more appropriate option.

  2. Minimize vendors A preoccupation with cost reduction in equipment procurement scenarios often leads to a fixation on only price, thereby losing sight of the expanded expense demands of lost efficiency in dealing with a variety of vendors.  

    Finding a proven vendor that can provide everything from competitively priced equipment all the way through to delivery and set-up is often a better overall solution than simply focusing on just the price of an item itself.

  3. Streamline the logistics chain One of the main advantages of dealing with a single full-service medical equipment provider is the efficiency this brings in going from identified need to the right piece of equipment being in the right location, fully operational and ready to use at the right time.  

    That is the bottom line in the medical equipment procurement processes from the point of view of the purchasing manager, the medical professional and the client at the service end of the operation.

  4. Minimize potential problems As with any complex procurement scenario, the chances for complications to create downtime exist.  Employing a single procurement solutions’ provider both dramatically reduces the likelihood of such events, and minimizes their impact when they do occur.  

    Deliveries and service issues are integrated for increased operational efficiency; off-site storage fees are reduced; and damage repair and service issues are incorporated into the overall procurement process.

  5. Leverage vendor experience Seek out a vendor with years of experience working with a wide variety of medical facilities, helping those institutions pick the best, most cost efficient products to meet their needs, providing consultation regarding technological issues and locating difficult to find specialty equipment.

These five ways to improve medical equipment procurement efficiency essentially simplify what has historically been complex series of separate transactions and arrangements.  With over 30 years of experience in providing specialized healthcare equipment solutions, we at CME are confident that we have the level of expertise to bring service enhancing and cost saving efficiency to your procurement process.  We also serve the government through our GSA contract V797D-40279.

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