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Why Mobile Health Clinics are Important

By CME Corp Staff | September 13, 2023

When we think about seeking medical care we think in terms of “going” to the doctor, clinic, or hospital. For many, if not most, Americans that is exactly what happens, we go.

But for some “going” to receive medical care or a wellness check-up is simply not an option.

Mobile health clinics or mobile clinics offer healthcare services to underserved communities or those living in remote, rural areas. These customized vehicles remove the transportation barriers to accessing medical care and bring healthcare services where they are needed.

Benefits of Mobile Health Clinics

Here are some of the many benefits associated with mobile health clinics in addition to removing the transportation barrier.

Increased Access to Care: By going to the patient’s community, mobile health clinics can reach the underserved, homeless, elderly, and disabled populations who may have limited access to traditional healthcare facilities.

Focus on Preventative and Primary Care: Mobile health clinics provide health screenings, vaccinations, physical exams, chronic disease management, and education. By identifying health issues early and educating people about preventative care, mobile health clinics help people maintain, if not improve, their health.

Culturally Sensitive Care: In some more culturally diverse areas mobile health clinics may be employed to offer a culturally sensitive approach to healthcare. This may include providing services in another language or respecting different cultural practices in medical care. The result is minimizing if not eliminating communication errors and establishing the trust that is so critical to positive patient experiences.

Flexibility and Agility: Mobile clinics can be deployed on very short notice to respond to public health emergencies. Specialized emergency mobile units, equipped with lifesaving medical equipment and supplies are invaluable in natural disasters or catastrophic events involving large numbers of people in need of medical care.

Health Education and Outreach: In addition to offering wellness checks and direct medical care, mobile clinics educate the people they are serving. Through literature, workshops, or seminars information about disease prevention and healthy lifestyle choices can be shared.

Cost Effective: Mobile health clinics can be cost effective compared to establishing and maintaining brick and mortar healthcare facilities. They have lower overhead costs since they do not have the building and operational expenses associated with more permanent facilities. And they are staffed by a smaller team of healthcare professionals while still offering quality and essential healthcare services.

Mobile health clinics help to ensure that all people have access to medical care.

Mobile Health Clinic Essential Equipment

CME ensures that mobile health clinics are fully equipped to serve their patients. We actively work with IDN’s and governmental agencies to equip mobile medical clinics for deployment to rural areas or emergency events.

Our experts can help source mobile health clinic equipment essentials:

Click the CHAT button to talk with a CME expert.

We will help you evaluate and procure the right equipment for your needs, within your budget. Then we will receive, deliver, and install your medical in the mobile unit when it is convenient for you. All you need to do is give care to your patients.

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