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Specialized Medical Equipment Delivery Can Save Money

By CME Corp Staff | June 18, 2024

With today’s interest rates and the financial pressures dogging healthcare, choosing the right provider to deliver equipment into healthcare facilities is especially important. Seeking out specialized delivery providers who offer benefits like need-by-date billing can yield big cost savings for many healthcare facilities.

Additionally, the complexity of medical equipment coupled with sensitive technology makes it imperative that delivery crews have the specialized knowledge required for dependable, efficient delivery and the proper assembly and installation of healthcare equipment.

This post will examine the

Advantages of Specialized Medical Equipment Delivery Over Third Party Logistics Providers

While third party logistics providers offer broad capabilities and can manage a wide range of logistics needs, specialized delivery services offer distinct advantages for healthcare facilities.

These advantages may take the form of:

Customized Delivery

This can include delivery scheduled outside normal business hours to accommodate healthcare staff and patient needs or delivery to specific delivery locations within the facility  vs delivery to a central dock.

More Quality Control

Specialized medical equipment delivery providers are more likely to have stringent processes in place for receiving, inspecting, assembling, delivering, and installing equipment.

Better Customer Experience

Specialized delivery providers often possess a deep understanding of the healthcare environment and, as a result, can intuitively anticipate needs to deliver a better experience.


Delivery teams focused on medical equipment are more efficient because they are experts.

Better Management of Complex Requirements

Delivery providers who regularly manage deliveries with complex requirements often have established processes and controls already in place to ensure the efficient and accurate delivery of medical equipment.

Delivery Flexibility

Specialized medical equipment distributors can, in many cases, “turn on a dime” to accommodate last minute delivery instructions and requests.

Regulatory Compliance

Delivery providers who are medical equipment experts are highly likely to be up to date on regulations associated with the safe transportation and handling of medical equipment, minimizing the risk of damage to the equipment or injury to the delivery team.

For healthcare facilities, the numerous advantages offered by specialized medical equipment delivery providers makes choosing these providers over third-party logistics the logical choice.

Choosing the right specialized medical equipment delivery partner can offer the additional advantage of big cost savings for many facilities.

Added Advantages of CME’s Medical Equipment Delivery Services

Our expert Direct-to-Site delivery services offer all the general advantages of specialized delivery and a unique 3-2-1 approach that can help medical facilities realize big cost savings.

As the only medical equipment distributor nationwide focused solely on medical equipment, it’s no surprise that our Direct-to-Site (DTS) delivery teams specialize in the assembly, delivery, and installation of medical equipment - and only medical equipment.

Our unique 3-2-1 approach features:

  • Single Chain of Ownership
  • Experienced, Specialized Delivery Personnel
  • Need-by-Date Billing

Single Chain of Ownership

Once medical equipment is received in our warehouse, we implement a single chain of ownership.

What does that mean?

It means a healthcare facility has only one “hand to shake” or one phone call to make for answers to questions or resolution of any issues that may have come up. We will work with manufacturers on behalf of a client for answers to questions and resolve shipping issues rather than expecting the facility to arbitrate between the manufacturer and a third-party logistics provider.

Experienced, Expert Delivery Personnel

Carlos Mini Vac Collecting DustOur experienced DTS teams only assemble, deliver, and install equipment into healthcare facilities. They understand the nuances and challenges of medical equipment delivery.

As assembly experts they know exactly what needs to be done to ensure medical equipment is assembled according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and properly installed so it is safe, ready for use by patients and staff. No “extra” screws left over when CME has completed a job.

When you are an expert in what you do, you have specialized tools on hand (templates for wall mounted diagnostic sets for example) to save time and energy and ensure consistent accuracy.

Medical equipment installation experts are innovatively efficient too. Imagine a mini vacuum positioned against a wall directly under a hole being drilled …. to collect the dust. Brilliant.

Need-by-Date Billing

While not much can top the benefits of a single chain of  ownership and expert delivery and installation, need-by-date billing may just be a contender.

Why is that?

It can return big cost savings to healthcare facilities.

With need-by-date billing you are not invoiced until your medical equipment is delivered.  When we place your medical equipment orders, we time the order to arrive at our warehouse within a couple of weeks ahead of a need-by-date, mitigating:

  • storage expenses,
  • reduction of working capital,
  • carrying costs, and
  • the reduction of the warranty coverage period.


CME Corp. is Your Partner for Specialized Medical Equipment Delivery

Choosing the right medical equipment partner is key to reaping the benefits of specialized equipment delivery - beginning with the logistics of specifically timed delivery of equipment to the warehouse and ending with expert medical equipment installation.

Within the healthcare industry there are delivery providers. But how many delivery providers are experts in medical equipment?

CME Corp. is the only healthcare equipment distributor nationwide with specialized direct-to-site delivery and installation. Our specialized logistics and delivery services help hospitals and other healthcare facilities minimize the potential disruption caused by equipment deliveries and maximize cost savings.

Logistics and Direct-to-Site delivery distinguish CME Corp. from third party logistics providers.

Receiving, inspecting, assembling, scheduling, delivering, and installing medical equipment without impacting patient care are all part of CME’s unique logistics and Direct-to-Site Services.

From healthcare equipment purchases to renovations and facility construction, CME Corp is your partner for seamless medical equipment procurement and delivery.


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About CME: CME Corp is the nation’s premier source for healthcare equipmentturnkey logistics, and biomedical services, representing 2 million+ products from more than 2,000 manufacturers. With two corporate offices and 35+ service centers, our mission is to help healthcare facilities nationwide reduce the cost of the equipment they purchase, make their equipment specification, delivery, installation, and maintenance processes more efficient, and help them seamlessly launch, renovate and expand on schedule.

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