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Manufacturer Feature: seca

By CME Corp Staff | June 13, 2017

If you are looking to supply your healthcare facilities with some of the finest products, look no further than CME’s partnership with seca. CME is proud to partner with the talented seca team to not only exceed your expectations, but also provide the best products, service, and delivery.



About Seca

A family business turned international company, seca is dedicated to providing medical timeless, and modern scales and measuring systems. For over 175 years, seca has worked to pioneer great design and practicality, all while working to expand and provide the best. 

As the world market leader in medical scales, seca strives to provide first class service as well making sure that all of their products are 100% green and working toward good health, not just in medical practices, hospitals and care facilities, but all over the world.  seca offers a worldwide service network that ensures our products work trouble-free—streamlined, efficient at providing the best in scales and precision for health.


Seca: Product Features

286 DP Ultrasonic Measuring Station

The seca 286 DP Ultrasonic Measuring Station is designed to help you improve your workflow while achieving the most precise measurements possible. Created with an unrivaled digital evaluation algorithm that eliminates imprecision, the 286 dp uses three unique pairs of sensors to transmit and receive ultrasonic signals to record height even as a constant auto-calibration determines temperature fluxes.

This independent measuring process takes only a few seconds with the assistance of a voice guidance and user-friendly product design, making it easy for a patient to collect their height, weight and BMI discreetly even without assistance from nursing staff. The 286 dp can also transmit these measurements via voice output, visual display, medical record applications or seca directprint, streamlining not only saves time and effort, but the physician/patient cycle.

seca 286_application_RGB.jpgseca 374 Data Baby Scale

Ergonomic, convenient and timesaving, the seca 374 baby scale has a extra large weighing tray with a capacity up to 44lbs. With an adjustable damping function combined with the Auto-HOLD function ensures fast and precise weighing, the 374 is designed to cradle the infant right from the start. 

The plain, solid surface of the scale prevent cross contamination, and there are no pinch points that might complicate the process of taking weight of the child. As the scale is a part of the seca 360° wireless family, nursing staff can send measurements immediately to an EMR system, PC or vital signs monitors at no extra cost. The seca 374 also offers is the Breast Milk Intake Function (BMIF), an ingenious addition to the system that allows you to measure the amount of milk that was fed to the infant.  

seca 374_nurse_laying_baby_in_scale_RGB.jpg

seca 644 Digital Multifunctional Handrail Scale

seca sets the bar for multifunctional scales with the 644 Digital Multifunctional Handrail scale, ideal for all patient types. Equipped with an extremely low-level, easy-access platform, a stable handrail and high weight-bearing capacity, this scale ensures a safe and comfortable weighing experience for all patient types, from obese to the elderly. Similarly, the integrated handrail provides the patient with support throughout the weighing process, or a chair can be placed on the platform for the patient to sit in.

The Pre-TARE function with three memory cells automatically deducts a stored weight (such as a chair) to determine net weight. The seca 644 is also equipped with seca 360° wireless technology which can be used to transmit the measurement results wirelessly to a PC, EMR system or vital signs monitors at no additional charge. The seca 360° wireless technology stands apart from the rest with the immediate data transfer of weight and height preventing manual entry errors and optimizing workflow. In addition, the device is made mobile by two rubber wheels and a power supply provided by rechargeable batteries or power adapter.


In partnering with seca, CME is dedicated to providing you with not only the best products and services, but the simplest and most eco-friendly scaling and measuring solutions. If you or your hospital are looking for products from an internationally renowned company always innovating for both quality and patient care, look no further than products built by seca to be delivered and set up for you by CME. 

Ready to get started on staffing your healthcare facility with the best products in the industry today? Contact your CME representative for more info.

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