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Medical Equipment Checklist for Free-Standing Emergency Rooms

By CME Corp Staff | July 9, 2024

Free-standing emergency rooms (FSERs) are a relatively new concept in the healthcare landscape. Twenty years ago, they accounted for only 1% of emergency rooms.1 Offering a viable alternative to traditional hospital-based emergency rooms, these standalone facilities offer emergency medical care to patients who need immediate attention but may not require the extensive resources of a full-scale hospital.

In this article, we will explore the

  • Characteristics of Free-Standing Emergency Rooms
  • Services Commonly Offered by Free-Standing Emergency Rooms
  • Checklist of Healthcare Equipment for Free-Standing Emergency Facilities

Characteristics of Free-Standing Emergency Rooms

Free-standing emergency rooms are medical facilities that operate independently of hospital emergency rooms. They offer the same comprehensive emergency treatment for illnesses and more serious conditions like heart attacks, strokes, lacerations, and broken bones. FSEDs also provide many of the same services as hospital emergency departments, such as pharmacy, labs, and imaging equipment.

Like hospitals, FSERs must adhere to the same strict regulatory standards and obtain the same accreditation as acute care hospitals to ensure they provide safe and effective care. This includes meeting federal and state-specific requirements as well as pursuing supplemental accreditation from organizations like The Joint Commission.

Here are some of the general standards and regulations FSER’s must comply with:

  • They must stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • They must keep licensed physicians on staff around the clock.
  • Their doctors and nurses must be thoroughly trained.
  • They must have the equipment and medication necessary to treat a range of potentially serious medical conditions.

Services Offered by Free-Standing Emergency Rooms

FSERs offer comprehensive emergency care for a wide range of medical emergencies, from minor injuries to life-threatening conditions.

  • Trauma and Injury Care: Immediate treatment for fractures, sprains, cuts, and burns.
  • Cardiac Emergencies: Rapid response for heart attacks, chest pain, and other cardiovascular issues.
  • Respiratory Issues: Treatment for asthma attacks, pneumonia, and other breathing difficulties.
  • Neurological Emergencies: Care for strokes, seizures, and severe headaches.
  • Pediatric Emergencies: Specialized care for infants, children, and adolescents.

Additionally, stand-alone emergency facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and technology to ensure prompt and accurate diagnosis.

  • On-Site Laboratory Services: Immediate lab tests for blood work, urine analysis, and other diagnostics.
  • Imaging Services: Access to X-rays, CT scans, and ultrasound for quick and precise imaging.
  • Pharmacy Services: On-site medication dispensing for convenience and efficiency.

To fulfill their commitment to efficient and excellent patient care, FSERs are staffed with skilled medical professionals and equipped with emergency room essentials.


Checklist of Medical Equipment for a Free-Standing Emergency Facility

While not exhaustive or all inclusive, this list is offered as guidance to ensure an FSER is prepared to treat a diverse range of emergency situations.

Diagnostic Equipment:

X-Ray/CT Equipment

Ultrasound Devices

Monitoring & Support Equipment




Vital Signs Monitors


Treatment Equipment

IV Pumps

Infusion Devices

Surgical Instruments (minor procedures)

Patient Care

Stretchers or Stretcher Chairs


IV Poles

Sterilization Equipment

Exam Tables/Procedure Chairs

Procedure Lights

Medical Carts - Crash, Pedi Crash, Procedure, Phlebotomy, Medication 

Workstation on Wheels (WOW)


Warming Cabinet

Basic Lab Equipment 

Blood rocker


Chemical Analyzer


Medical Grade Refrigerator/Freezer


Storage Shelving


Waiting Area Chairs

PPE/Glove Box Dispensers



Partner with CME Corp. to Equip Free-Standing Emergency Rooms

CME specializes in equipping emergency rooms with the healthcare equipment required to ensure efficient staff workflows and positive patient outcomes. Our medical equipment experts have established relationships with leading manufacturers of a wide range of healthcare equipment and can work with them to configure medical equipment, so it is suited to your specific needs and budget.

Our logistics and Direct-To-Site service teams can receive, inspect, assemble (if needed), and deliver equipment based on the needs of FSER staff. If during the inspection of equipment received at our warehouse, we identify items that are damaged or defective in any way we will work with the manufacturer to secure a timely replacement.

In addition to focused medical equipment expertise and Direct-to-Site services CME is also a reliable source for biomedical services.

CME Biomedical Equipment Technicians are available to compliment in-house resources with biomedical startup services to guarantee that every new device is tested and ready for service.

Our BMETs can also work with your facility to establish equipment maintenance plans aimed at ensuring the reliability of medical equipment, compliance with regulations, and extending the service life of the equipment.

Click CHAT to begin a conversation with a CME expert about equipping your free-standing emergency room.


1. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/capital/the-rise-of-the-freestanding-ed.html


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