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9 Ways CME Can Support Your Next Healthcare Construction Project

By CME Corp Staff | March 15, 2018

Managing a new construction project requires planning, organization and a large dedicated team that all have a common goal.

CME Corp is a committed member of your project team. CME assists and supports your team in many of the new construction phases.


CME represents more than 2,000 manufacturers and 2 million products and can provide a considerable amount of the FF&E required for a new healthcare facility.

What we see... How CME can Help...

Budgets are tedious to do and can involve sending quotes to over 200 manufacturers. Accessories are missing, products are outdated, items are duplicated

Our equipment specialists provide a detailed product quote including high-quality, budget-conscious alternatives if requested. CME also can provide suggestions on HAI-reducing equipment, LEED-compliant equipment and the latest technologies

Logistics are sometimes overlooked or under budgeted

We provide a detailed logistics and direct-to-site delivery quote that can include warehousing, staging, assembly, labeling, asset-tagging, delivery direct to the rooms, installation and biomedical equipment services

There is no one to do the assessment of equipment for reuse

CME can assess, and value equipment being considered for reuse


Making an important decision on your new equipment can require more than a quote; we make sure you get everything you need to make that informed choice. 

What we see... How CME can Help...

Products are missing spec sheets, wrong accessories, wrong part numbers

CME will provide spec sheets for all equipment to ensure they fit the design and the need. We make sure the right accessories go with the right equipment

End-users making decisions with the wrong information and without looking at all options

We can arrange demos and/or trials of new equipment you might be considering

Too many POs generated, and the right products are not always ordered

CME can aggregate many of the POs into one and make sure you get what you want. Our breadth of product allows us to be your one-stop-shop for your equipment needs


Receiving and Warehousing

CME realizes that secure storage space and resources are at a premium in any new construction project. We have 30+ service centers nationwide to serve you.

What we see... How CME can help...

New equipment is delivered to the construction site and there is no one to receive it

CME will receive and store your valuable equipment in a location close to your new facility

Products get lost or stolen because there is no security at the construction site

CME will keep your products safe until you are ready for them


A new project can include products from over 200 manufacturers. CME ensures these products arrive at the right time to avoid unnecessary storage charges and make every delivery deadline.

What we see.... How CME can help...

Products arrive too early or too late and there is no coordination of product arrival or knowledge of on-site location

CME’s unique Product Management System (PMS) tracks your project line items in real time from PO creation to delivery at the site in specified rooms, whether the items are coming to our local warehouse or your warehouse


Contractor-Installed Items

CME can provide many of your contractor-installed items, typically called out when needed by the construction team.

What we see... How CME can help...

Contractor-installed items (CI) arrive too early or too late

We will make sure your casework,         wire carts, gloveboxes, ice makers, refrigerators and any of your CI items arrive on time

CI deliveries can’t always be easily scheduled due to site readiness constraints

We can break up shipments and deliver the right number of items at the time you request directly to the rooms or at a place convenient for your contractor


CME gets your new equipment assembled correctly in our warehouse prior to delivery.

What we see... How CME can help...

Assembly taking place at the new facility; creating trash and dirt

We assemble in our warehouse and keep the packing materials and mess where it belongs: in our dumpsters

Assembly being done by untrained personnel with the wrong or inferior tools

CME assembles most items in our local warehouse where we have the right tools and a dedicated team to properly assemble products


When you are ready to take delivery of your items, CME will be there. Our service is truly turn-key. When we leave your facility, you will have all your equipment in the right place, ready for patients.

What we see... How CME can help...

Items being delivered to the wrong rooms, a staging area or the dock

We will stage your items, pack them safely in the right truck for the job and deliver everything directly to the rooms, in the right configuration

Items being moved incorrectly without the right tools causing damage

CME brings the right tools and the right moving equipment to ensure no damage is done

Items need to be installed and the contractors are no longer on site

We know your construction teams will take care of most of the installation, but we have services available to augment your own crew


Biomedical Services

Many biomedical teams are stretched and cannot do the checks and documentation necessary to meet the opening date. CME can amplify your biomed team. We have a crew that can assist with electrical checks, battery checks, asset-tagging, and equipment inspections. We will work with your biomed team to get these important tasks done in time to make your opening date.

Work with Your Team

We are experts at working with all your new construction team members including inhouse staff, construction and design teams, outsourced equipment planners, architects, project managers and general contractors. Every project is different, and we are flexible enough to work with everyone involved in your project within your guidelines.

CME’s pledge is to get your new facility open on time and be completely functional when those doors open for business. Let us be a part of your new construction team. You will not be disappointed.

Check out two of our resources Building a Better Hospital and How to Address the 5 Areas of Pain when Building your New Clinic. For more information about any of our services or products, call us at 800-338-2372 and let us quote your next healthcare project!  


About CME: CME Corp is the nation’s premier source for healthcare equipment, turnkey logistics, and biomedical services, representing 2 million+ products from more than 2,000 manufacturers.

With two corporate offices and 35+ service centers, our mission is to help healthcare facilities nationwide reduce the cost of the equipment they purchase, make their equipment specification, delivery, installation, and maintenance processes more efficient, and help them seamlessly launch, renovate and expand on schedule.

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