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Sustainability: Eco-Friendly Solutions For Building a Green Healthcare Facility - CME Corp eBook

By CME on Jul 26, 2018 10:17:21 AM


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There are 5,534 registered domestic hospitals, according to the American Hospital Association. Each one of those facilities is esti­mated to generate up to 25 pounds of waste per day per patient. The math seems to indicate that health care centers produce an endless stream of garbage at an unsustainable rate. Furthermore, it’s only one industry and one waste source in an ever-growing country, struggling to find solutions to land­fill overload. As regulations tighten to relieve the burden trash puts on our ecosystem, planners and buy­ers are searching for eco-friendly solutions to medical facility equip­ment and materials.

CME Corp (CME) introduces its latest resource, Eco-Friendly Solutions for Building a Green Healthcare Facility, where we explore different equipment alternatives that can help equipment planners and purchasing departments make greener choices when equipping their current or new facilities. Many healthcare systems have sustainability goals, but most are focused on processes not equipment choices. Making greener product choices happen at the planning phase of a new facility and many departments need to a part of the conversation. 

It’s a common misconception, the notion that “green products” will only cost you more. While this may hold some truth when looking at item price tags, the long-term environmental benefits often accompany rich financial gains. An easy illustration is LED lighting. Here is a product with a higher per unit cost than its traditional counterpart but offers facilities less electrical fees while lessening the need for halogen and hazardous materials to be removed and disposed of properly. Buyers and planners have the power to establish the framework for highly efficient and long-term cost-saving medical facilities. Knowing what to look for, and which products to choose is paramount to your success as an eco-friendly planner. Having a higher understanding enables more comfortable budget and cost forecasting discussions in all circles of decision makers. 

CME can suggest greener options in many product categories. CME is an equipment centric distributor that offers over 1400 manufacturers and 1.2M products along with a comprehensive portfolio of related services. These services include product choices, procurement, receiving, warehousing, assembly, staging, technical services, biomedical services, direct-to-site delivery and installation. Call us at 800-338-2372 to learn more about our greener product alternatives or any of our services.

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