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Manufacturer Feature: Enthermics

By CME Corp Staff | July 11, 2017

CME has teamed up with Enthermics Medical Systems to provide you with not only the best patient warming products but also the most advanced and valuable technology available. With the help of Enthermics, CME is working not only to exceed your expectations but also to provide the best products, service, and delivery.


Enthermics began in 1980, after pioneering a revolutionary warming device in response to research on hyperthermia. The device, used primarily in advanced cancer research, eventually lead to studies involving trauma patients who developed hyperthermia. This brought about years of collaboration with leading medical research facilities proving its safety, as well as leading to implementation of the device in an array of different settings.

By the mid-1990s, this technology was incorporated into multiple designs for warming blankets and irrigation and IV fluids; today they are used in hospitals and clinics worldwide. With a manufacturing facility located in the Midwest and 100% of their products hand built in the USA, Enthermics is dedicated to ensuring their customers receive the best warmers on the market today.


CME is dedicated to providing you the best products available. Here are some featured products by Enthermics:

Enthermics IVNow Universal Fluid Warmer

Almost every patient in the hospital receives a bag of IV fluids. As simple as it seems, warming fluids are a constant challenge for hospitals. With so many different products being used to warm and increased scrutiny from accreditation agencies, warming fluids have become a labor-intensive task.

In-line warmers and fluid warming cabinets (which are not always readily available or take a long time to warm) have been the most common way to warm fluids until now—which is why Enthermics has created the ivNow. The ivNow can warm a 1-liter bag of fluid in approximately 25 minutes, and a 6-tiered unit will give you access to more than 100-liters of warmed IV fluid in a 10-hour period. The temperature of the unit is always set at 104F, and there is an automated data recorder built in which tracks the shelf life of each bag and notifies when the bag is expired.


Titan Series Blanket Warmers – EC250, EC350, EC750; EC1540, EC2060

The Titan series blanket warmers quickly and efficiently warm blankets to precise temperatures. Using fanless WarmSafe™ zone heating technology to prevent lint clogging, every cabinet in the Titan series is durable, easily serviceable, and runs silently for your convenience.

There are five different units in the Titan blanket warming series: the smaller countertop units 4 to 6 (EC250), 10 to 12 (EC350), and 20 to 25 (EC770) blankets respectively, and the standing roller units holding 40 to 50 units (EC1540) or 60 to 70 (EC2060) blankets each.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 2.29.43 PM.png

Designer Series Blanket Warmers – DC150, DC250, DC350, DC400, DC750

Every one of the Designer Series blanket warmers quickly and efficiently heat blankets to precise temperatures using Enthermic’s fanless, even-heating WarmSafe™ technology—in addition to a patient-friendly, hands-free push button door, and a stackable design configuration that makes unit placement and convenience paramount in meeting your needs.

The Designer Series units come in five different sizes: the DC150, capable of holding 3 to 4 blankets; the DC250 holding 4 to 6; the DC350 holding 10 to 12; the DC400 holding 14 to 18; and the DC750 holding 20 to 25. No matter your needs, these blanket warmers are engineered for point-of-care applications with an aesthetically pleasing design that fits in any space.


In partnering with Enthermics, CME is dedicated to providing you with not only the best equipment and services, but also the most efficient and intuitive thermal products available. If you or your hospital is looking for equipment from a company always innovating for both quality and patient care, look no further than products built by Enthermics to be delivered and set up for you by CME.

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