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CME's Purchase Order Tracking Process

By CME Corp Staff | July 30, 2014

When working with multiple vendors in supply chain management you are faced with multiple approaches to delivery.  This means that in the case of a large order for a new clinic, clinic renovation, or new department, you may be in a position to lose sight of arrivals and even lose equipment and smaller sundry orders with so much tracking required. However, if you take advantage of working with a hospital distribution company you will be dealing with one or two orders coming from one central warehouse making it far easier to schedule your deliveries.

CME takes their service one step further and offers a purchase order tracking process that allows you to track every order you place from the moment the PO is cut. This is a system unique to CME within the supply chain management industry.  

Here are some of the benefits of this tracking system:

  • When working with a hospital distribution company you may feel nervous that your PO's are not going beyond the initial request with the distributor.  However, with CME they will confirm PO's are received by the manufacturer, putting your mind at ease.  They will also show back orders if they exist and anticipated ship dates of all items.

  • You will also always know exactly when the manufacturer has shipped your order to the CME warehouse or your warehouse which they always ensure is coordinated according to your need-by date.  The tracker will document shipping methods and tracking numbers if available.  If CME is also delivering direct-to-site, they will be coordinating a single shipping date to your facility and they want to be certain your entire order is received to meet your deadline.

  • Within the supply chain management process, some hospitals may not have access to some manufacturers.  CME deals with 50-100 manufacturers in any given capital project, many of which you do not deal with on a day-to-day basis.  50-150 receipts can take place on any given project depending on manufacturer backorders.  If CME does your direct-to-site delivery, they receive all of the product at their warehouse and document every receipt.  You get one report weekly that tracks all of this activity.

  • Within the supply chain system there can be confusion and loss without a streamlined approach to delivery. CME can arrange for direct-to-site delivery within your facility so that you never lose sight of anything arriving at your hospital.  

    The product is fully assembled by CME at their warehouse and ready for use when it arrives at your new facility.  This also means it will be received by the people who ordered it and who will know where it is to go and how it is to be used.  

    All deliveries are staged in great detail covering the "how, what, where and when" to avoid the chance of any confusion or loss of goods.  You do not sign off on the product until it is inspected and correctly placed in its final destination.  Delivery dates are also documented on the PO tracker system in case there are multiple delivery dates needed.

  • If you have your own third party warehouse, CME's tracking system will still work if the product is to be delivered to the third party site.  Every customer delivery is being tracked using their unique tracking system so that customers will know the delivery status at every stage.  This allows for efficient planning that saves you time and money.

No other company offers this unique and effective purchasing order tracking system in the industry.  When working with CME, you have access to a tool that will offer you a stress free way of managing all of your orders no matter how big or how small.

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