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Improving the Efficiency of Receiving Capital Equipment

By Binta Paye | November 4, 2015

GraphandCogGearIf you're in the process of starting a new healthcare construction project or undergoing a major remodel of your current facility, then you'll likely need to purchase and receive new capital medical equipment.  And if you're looking to make this process as efficient as possible, you may wish to consider Direct-to-Site delivery services.

With Direct-to-Site delivery, the distributor handles the entire process so you don't have to separately juggle a half-dozen different tasks.  The services include coordinating the various project necessities such as placing orders to various different manufacturers, receiving multiple deliveries, storing the items, assembling, staging and transporting equipment items to their area of use, and then removing all the shipping trash.  These delivery services can improve the efficiency of ordering and receiving capital equipment so that you can enjoy your new items when you need them without all of the aggravation in between.

Want a breakdown?  Consider the following cost and time-saving benefits of using a Direct-to-Site delivery program:

  • Consolidated purchase orders.  POs are expensive, the average one costing a healthcare facility between $75 to $125.  Using a medical equipment-focused distributor with Direct-to-Site delivery services enables you to consolidate those POs, which reduces administrative costs and headaches.  Plus, with the average healthcare construction and remodel requiring items from over 100 different medical equipment manufacturers, the costs of those separated POs could really mount up.

  • Reduced amount of deliveries.  Consolidation doesn't have to stop at purchase orders.  Instead of spending time and labor (and interrupting your business) tracking and signing for every new delivery from individual manufacturers, opting for a Direct-to-Site delivery improves the efficiency of this process by utilizing a storage facility as a middle ground.  

    So, before you receive your products, they are sent to the storage facility where trained team members assemble and stage your equipment order. Choose whether you want deliveries done by completed floor, department, or whole facility, and the service team will complete the delivery once all items have been accounted for.  Not only does this process save time and money, but it also reduces the instances of equipment being misplaced, lost, or delivered with broken parts.

  • One point of contact.  Whether you're in the midst of a new medical practice construction or large-scale remodel, you'll have a lot of tasks on your hands.  So, why add a dozen or more different vendor contacts to negotiate and organize with?  Using one distributor with Direct-to-Site delivery services means you can reduce all those different contacts down to one.

  • Streamlined delivery on your schedule.  This advantage is particularly important to those still receiving patients or committed to other work during the course of an expansion or remodel, as the last thing you want is constant business interruptions with multiple equipment deliveries.  Such interruptions decrease the efficiency of your staff by forcing your team to redirect their efforts and disrupt their workflow.  So choose instead Direct-to-Site delivery and schedule one big delivery that's cohesive to you and your team's workflow.

    Or you may wish to have different delivery dates for different service areas.  The delivery team can quickly bring in all of the ordered equipment for a room, floor, or building, and put each item in its desired end location without interruption.  You are then invited to sign off on each item in one easy sweep of the delivered area before the delivery team takes away all of the packing and delivery trash.  No muss, no fuss, just efficient delivery.

CME is now able to provide such a Direct-to-Site delivery program to all of our clients from coast to coast.  To learn more about our premier White Glove Direct-to-Site delivery service, contact us today.

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Image courtesy via: twobee/freedigitalphotos.net

Direct-to-Site Delivery