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6 Key Features of Direct-to-Site Medical Equipment Delivery

By CME on May 18, 2016 11:00:00 AM

ID-10050781.jpgAs medical facilities and healthcare organizations across the nation continue to experience dramatic growth and expansion of both services and facilities, they also must grapple with the logistics challenges presented by such developments.

Medical facility administrators must concern themselves not just with issues regarding the supply of routine medical-surgical items, but also make equipment planning decisions that will ensure their facility is ready to provide the full range of client services expected when new buildings open, are renovated, or expansions are completed.

Key Equipment Delivery Features

Finding and procuring all of the necessary equipment to meet the needs of everything from newly opened, to expanded, or even extensively remodeled medical facilities, is a task that can quickly overwhelm purchasing managers and equipment planning committees.  Yet it needn't be so.

Working with an experienced medical equipment distribution company, the entire process of researching, procuring, warehousing, staging, assembling, and delivering the equipment can be streamlined and simplified.  By utilizing our equipment expertise and resources, facility administrators gain the advantages of:

  1. One point of contactThis allows equipment planning coordinators and purchasers to immediately save time by having to deal with only one entity.  Even though there are multiple items being purchased from multiple manufacturers, you can save time and headaches by simply working with the hub of the overall process.

  2. Product selection assistanceOur highly-trained sales force has years of experience in helping healthcare organizations meet their equipment needs.  They are able to aide each facility's equipment planning process by guiding managers and administrators to the specific items that correspond to their specific demands and needs.

  3. On time deliveryOnce the equipment is selected, it is essential that it arrives on time for the facility to open and be fully operational.  We track every piece of equipment from the time we send the various manufacturers the POs until it arrives at our warehouse.  We then coordinate the delivery of the equipment so medical facilities can be assured that the wide range of equipment being acquired will arrive on time.

  4. Eliminate lost and damaged productsA typical issue encountered when dealing with multiple suppliers of medical equipment is the near inevitability of some items getting lost or becoming damaged somewhere along the way.  In working with a medical equipment distributor that provides delivery services, such problems are avoided as all the equipment is assessed for damages upon arrival at their facilities. If a piece of equipment is damaged, all claims are dealt with directly with the manufacturers.  This immediately removes a major source of worry for the medical facility equipment planning coordinators and ensures that all equipment will be operational at the time of delivery.

  5. No outsourced logisticsBy working with a single equipment focused distributor that handles every detail of the operation from procurement to delivery, purchasing managers no longer need to be concerned with unknown third parties – or outsourced operations – being part of their equipment procurement process.  They will always know exactly who they are dealing with – and who to contact for any issues involved.

  6. Save time and moneyThe complexity and time spent in the research, procurement, staging, and delivery of medical equipment is not in line with the dollars spent on such a project.  The cumulative result of a well-organized, centralized and simplified process of handling equipment acquisition and logistics is a dramatic reduction in both time spent controlling the overall process – and the expense involved in doing so.

The bottom line is that the potentially complicated, uncertain, and stressful process of handling the equipment procurement needs of your growing healthcare facility can be turned into an efficient, straightforward, and transparent operation by utilizing a company with years of expertise in medical equipment delivery.

CME is that company with over 30 years of specializing in healthcare equipment delivery.  With our Direct-to-Site delivery program we are perfectly placed to meet your facility's equipment procurement and logistic delivery needs. Let us help you by contacting us at (800) 338-2372.

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