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How to Pick the Right Workstation for Your Hospital’s Nurses

By Altus | January 13, 2023

Nurses have numerous tasks to perform every shift, including keeping track of every patient on their floor. In order to perform their duties and offer the highest level of care possible, they need equipment that can improve their workflows, and are designed to prevent them from accidentally forgetting an essential piece of information.

When it comes to choosing a workstation that fits all the needs of your nurses, there are two main types to decide between: wall-mounted workstations and computers on wheels. The best way to determine which of these workstation solutions is the best fit, there are two main factors to consider that will ensure the workstations you choose are the right option for your hospital’s nurses.


Primary Shift Area

One of the most important factors to take into consideration before purchasing new workstations is to look at the type of areas your nurses are working in and the specific tasks they perform.

For nurses who spend most of their shift in tight spaces, such as isolation units, a stationary wall-mounted workstation provides a compact option. Wall-mounts, like the Reach by Altus, can be folded against a wall when not in use, so it doesn’t take up space and nurses are able to maneuver effortlessly around the patient’s room. These stationary workstations also promote the “triangle of care” between technology, the patient, and the nurse. This concept facilitates open communication, helps create a positive experience for the patients, and helps eliminate cross-contamination risks.


For many nurses, flexibility options are a must-have in their workstations. Some nurses only need height adjustment options and prefer stationary workstations and wall-mounts. Others require additional options, such as mobility to meet their shift needs.

Workstations on wheels offer several layers of flexibility to any nurse. These types of workstations, like the ClioAir by Altus, allow nurses to have all the equipment they need for their shifts at their fingertips. The mobile nature of these workstations allows nurses to bring it from room to room as they work, ensuring they are able to document every piece of information while removing the need to readjust a computer each time they enter a new room.

Computer carts on wheels come in several different options, with each one designed to enhance nurse workflows. Some options include powered and non-powered computer carts for any flexibility needed.


Altus Manufactures Workstations for Your Hospital

In order to perform their jobs to the best of their ability and help every patient, nurses need a workstation that is designed with them in mind. No matter what type of workstation you decide is best for your hospital’s nurses, Altus has the solution. If you know what workstation style your hospital needs, or are looking for additional help in deciding, contact your local CME representative and they can walk you through every option.

About Altus: Altus, Inc. is a manufacturer that offers a range of workstation solutions designed specifically for healthcare professionals. Since 2001, Altus has been studying how people work in order to enhance the workflows and well-being of healthcare workers through durable and ergonomic technology workstations.

About CME: CME Corp is a full-service healthcare equipment and turn-key logistics company providing personalized support and service. With service centers nationwide, CME offers more than two million medical products from a total of over 2,000 manufacturers. CME is a healthcare system's complete equipment solution by providing product selection, sales, warehousing, assembly, staging, direct-to-site delivery, installation, and biomedical services for all its equipment.

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