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3 Ways TransMotion Stretcher-Chairs Save Healthcare Facilities Time & Money

By Champion Manufacturing | June 8, 2022

Let us review the logistics necessary to complete a procedure or operation in the healthcare setting whether it is in the hospital or in an outpatient setting. The patient is prepped in one room, on a stretcher. The patient is moved to the OR and transferred to a surgery table. After the procedure, the patient is transferred to another stretcher or recliner for the recovery period. This process requires at least two patient transfers, lifting of the patient, and multiple healthcare workers to accomplish. Using a TransMotion (TMM) Stretcher-Chair can save a facility time and money. The stretcher-chair is a transfer stretcher, surgery/procedure table, and recovery recliner all-in-one that creates a no-lift, no-transfer, safe, clean, and very efficient operating room (OR).

Limit Injury Risk

Approximately 50% of nurses complain of chronic back pain and manual lifting of patients is one of the most cited reasons for this pain. The average worker’s compensation cost for an injured nurse is approximately $20,000. Using a TransMotion stretcher-chair eliminates at least two processes that would require lifting of the patient. Nurses and other healthcare workers are not the only ones susceptible to injury when transferring and lifting patients. So are the patients! Cutting down on the number of transfers will help reduce both healthcare workers and patient injuries and save the facility money.

Reduce the Risk of Infection

Using three different surfaces for a procedure requires all three of these surfaces to be completely disinfected between patients. If you employ a TransMotion Stretcher Chair for the entire OR process, only one surface needs to be cleaned between patients, reducing the risk of infections. The estimated cost of one healthcare-associated infection (HAI) is estimated at $25,000. Reducing HAIs in healthcare settings is always a goal and using the stretcher-chair can help save money by reducing the risk of infections.

Improve OR Efficiency

All ORs strive for maximum efficiency and increased throughput. In a University of Miami, Bascom Palmer study using 50 TransMotion TMM5 Stretcher-Chairs, 100% of patient transfers were eliminated and patient surgical volume was increased by 33%. That is a volume increase that most ORs would like to have! Besides increasing revenues, an added money-saving benefit is saving valuable floor space. Having less stretchers and bulky recliners frees up needed space and further improves efficiency.

TransMotion offers several stretcher-chairs including the TMM3 Video Fluoroscopy Swallow Study Chair, the TMM4 Plus Multi-Purpose Stretcher-Chair, and the TMM5 Surgical Stretcher-Chair that serve many departments within the hospital. For more information or for a potential demonstration, please contact your CME Corp account manager, visit cmecorp.com, or call 800-338-2372.

About CME: CME Corp is a full-service healthcare equipment and turn-key logistics company providing personalized support and service.  With service centers nationwide, CME offers more than 2 million medical products from a total of over 2,000 manufacturers.  CME is a healthcare system's complete equipment solution by providing product selection, sales, warehousing, assembly, staging, direct-to-site delivery, installation, and biomedical services for all its equipment.  

About Champion Manufacturing: Champion Manufacturing Inc. offers an array of product options from Multiple product lines: Winco, TransMotion, and Chair-A-Medics. In combining these brands, Champion is able to provide a broad range of solutions to caregivers and medical practitioners across the healthcare continuum.

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