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3 Ways Oakworks Ergonomic Ultrasound Tables Can Help Sonographers Avoid Injury

By Oakworks | November 15, 2022

Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMSDs) are painful injuries affecting the muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons of up to 90% of sonographers and other users of diagnostic medical sonography. WRMSDs develop gradually over a period of time from repeated exposure to risk factors and are among the most frequently reported cause of restricted or lost work time. WRMSDs can impose a substantial personal toll on those affected since they may no longer be able to work or perform simple personal tasks and activities of daily living. 20% of sonographers who were symptomatic suffered career-ending injuries.

Preventing injury or managing the progression of symptoms can be achieved by improving working posture and the ergonomics of the work environment. Maintaining a neutral posture, where there is the least amount of stress on the musculoskeletal system, is one of the fundamental principles of proper ergonomic design in the workplace. When risk factors cannot be completely eliminated, it is important to limit the time spent in risk-producing postures in order to reduce exposure.

Oakworks Ergonomic Advantage (EA) Line of Ultrasound tables, designed by leading ergonomic specialists, exceeds the industry standards. They can help mitigate sonographer injury, decrease scan time, and increase patient satisfaction.

Minimize Reaching and Twisting

To get the ultrasound positioned right, sonographers have had to be contortionists at times, reaching over and under patients. Repeat that many times per day and it is a recipe for WRMSDs. The Oakworks EA tables include an electric cardio panel that allows you to adjust the opening to the size you need and opens as wide as 15” (38cm). Great for left or right-handed scanning. Large, electric access panel offers more support for side lying patients and minimizes twisting and reach for sonographers.

Reduce Manual Patient Positioning

Sonographers often have to move or tilt patients to get the desired ultrasound. The Oakworks EA line has preprogrammed positions available as well as customizable options, all powered by a push of a button. These features diminish the need for any manual manipulation. They also speed up scan time, making the healthcare facility more efficient and increasing patient satisfaction.

Curtail Unnecessary Bending and Lifting

Frequently, sonographers are required to help a patient get from a wheelchair or stretcher onto the ultrasound table, causing extra bending and lifting that can lead to injury. The Oakworks EA tables go from a low of 19” up to 33”, supporting ergonomic working heights for easy patient access from a wheelchair or standing position and complies with ADA requirements of equal access to care. The dual tower is designed for added strength & rigidity allowing a 550 lb. lift/load capacity.

Oakworks EA ultrasound tables feature-rich designs offer you the versatility to enhance your workstation to support healthy postures in multiple ultrasound modalities including cardiac, vascular, abdominal, musculoskeletal and biopsy exams. They can be further customized with optional features and accessories. For more information, visit our website, talk to your CME account manager, or call 800-338-2372.

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About Oakworks: Oakworks offers a wide range of medical tables from C-arm Imaging, Ultrasound, Exam and Physical Therapy tables. We collaborate with leaders in the medical specialties we serve to create cutting edge designs that balance the needs of both patients and practitioners. Oakworks Medical tables and chairs are FDA listed, ensuring the highest level of safety for your patients. They are built in our ISO13485 Certified plant to guarantee consistently high-quality products. Our confidence in our products is reflected in our industry leading 3-year parts, 2-year labor warranty. Share Oakworks is leading the market with ergonomically advanced products.

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