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Eric Robinson shares insights on overcoming financial limitations that challenge compliance efforts.

April 22 ,2019

Accreditation and compliance issues are constant concerns for quality improvement professionals, with new challenges frequently adding to the burden. The key to addressing the concerns is to take a long-term approach and not focus on upcoming surveys. Several industry experts chime in with advice and best practices, including CME Corp's Eric Robinson.

Clinical engineering professionals are looking for ways to streamline the process because many organizations find compliance to be a costly endeavor, he says.

“They’re looking at alternative maintenance plans and ways to eliminate the requirements for completions on non-critical pieces of equipment, so biomedical engineers can spend their time on those critical, life-saving, or life-supporting pieces of equipment that require a lot of time for maintenance,” Robinson says.

The patient experience continues to be a focus of accreditation and compliance activities, and Robinson says many hospitals are trying to improve the electronic medical records in ways that make the patient’s experience more seamless as they move from one area to another.

Financial limitations continue to be a challenge for compliance efforts, Robinson says.

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