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CME's Chief Strategy Officer, Cindy Juhas, in the News on an Overburdened Medical Supply Chain

May 21 ,2020

Our very own Chief Strategy Officer, Cindy Juhas, was featured in a new article by CNN. CNN, the American news-based television station, has closely covered the wide scale effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on healthcare supply chains. 

In the recent article on thermometer shortage in America, CNN sought comments from Cindy on how new customers and panic buying is burdening and disrupting the medical equipment supply chain in North America. Read more here:

Cindy Juhas also sat down with ABC News to discuss the latest shortages in medical equipment. View the news clip and read more from the article here:



About Cindy Juhas: It’s not uncommon to see an article by Cindy in an industry magazine. As the owner of Hospital Associates, Cindy made a name for herself as a leader in the healthcare industry.

She was the first woman to chair the Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA) and the first woman inducted into the Medical Distribution Hall of Fame. Her focus for developing the company go-to-market strategy is paramount to CME’s success and goal of being the leading comprehensive healthcare equipment and turnkey logistics company.