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CME and Partners Cooperative Deal Featured in Healthcare Facilities Today

July 17 ,2019

Two key areas of CME’s expertise – sourcing, delivering and installing healthcare equipment in the fastest and least disruptive manner possible as well as longer-term servicing and calibrating of the equipment to ensure optimal functionality, are making their way to dozens of healthcare networks in the Southeast. Facilities are gaining access to services that offer significant time and money savings, thanks to a new agreement recently made by Partners Cooperative (Partners) and CME Corp.

“The services included in this agreement are right in our wheelhouse, and we will be able to offer better pricing through this special arrangement. Our logistics and biomedical services are unmatched in the industry, and both have been an important part of our robust growth over the past two years,” said Don Boone, Director, National Contracts for CME.

In addition to speed, CME offers an advanced level of control and collaboration through its proprietary CME 360 software while securing compliance and performance that follows the terms and conditions of each project.

Learn more about this agreement by reading the Healthcare Facilities Today article, or download a pdf version here: 

CME Corp, Partners Cooperative Strike Deal to Bring Savings to Southeastern Medical Facilities

About CME: CME is a comprehensive healthcare equipment and turn-key logistics company providing personalized support and service. With service centers nationwide that offer more than 1 million medical products from over 1,400 manufacturers, CME works to be a healthcare system’s complete equipment solution providing product selection, procurement, warehousing, assembly, staging, direct-to-site delivery, installation, and biomed services for all of its equipment. For more information, visit