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Cindy Juhas shares tips to eliminate pain points in construction projects with Healthcare Purchasing News

November 30 ,2018

Anyone who has ever opened a new healthcare facility understands the number one goal is to open on time. Any delay, if only a day, can cost hundreds of thousands in real revenue dollars. Cindy Juhas shares her industry knowledge once again, through an article in Healthcare Purchasing News. Cindy dissects four avoidable pitfalls common in most projects, and how to navigate around them.

In addition, CME Corp has built the new CME360 suite of healthcare equipment software solutions in response to the industry's demand for real time reporting and tracking across all capital equipment processes. 

We encourage planners and buyers to read the Healthcare Purchasing News article Eliminate four avoidable pain points in your construction project and explore the multitude of ways CME360 can help you with your new or current projects.