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A Message from our Executive Team: Updated Letter on COVID-19

July 08 ,2020

Dear Appreciated Customer,

Thank you for continuing your fight in the COVID-19 battle. As the pandemic continues to rage in various parts of the country, we wanted to give you an update on our COVID-19 solutions. Here are a few things we are focusing on:

Pandemic Equipment Procurement

CME is working very closely with our long-term manufacturers getting accurate order timelines, keeping track of available items and finding new equipment solutions for you, understanding that timelines and equipment availability are changing by the minute.

CME also added many new vendors that have been providing you with cots, beds, stretchers, mattresses, face shields, tents, overbed tables, bedside cabinets, IV stands, isolation carts, thermometers, workstations-on-wheels, and waste management products to name a few.

Equipment Delivery and Installation

CME continues to deliver and install equipment to your newly constructed healthcare facilities that have not opened and your working non-acute facilities.

CME has reinstated inside deliveries and installations to working hospitals. Our staff has the necessary PPE equipment to ensure a safe delivery. We are asking our customers to work with us on maximizing safety and social distancing by scheduling deliveries during off-hours and through lesser trafficked areas.

Post-Pandemic Services

If you no longer need your pandemic equipment, we can help. CME will come pick up the equipment, disassemble, tag, inventory and store your emergency equipment. When you need it again, we will have our biomed technicians re-assemble, perform preventive maintenance, repair as needed, and test all equipment before delivering it back to the designated facility, ready-to-use.

We respect, admire, and appreciate all that you are doing for patients through this challenging pandemic. CME is your resource for equipment knowledge, experience, procurement, and delivery in this trying time. Let us know what we can do to assist you.


The CME Executive Team

Normand Chevrette, CEO & President
Cindy Juhas, Chief Strategy Officer
KC Meleski, Vice President, Sales
Eric Robinson, Vice President, Operations
Mike Abbott, Vice President, Vendor Relations