Solutions to TWO Common Problems of IV Stands

By Lauren Pedigo | April 3, 2018

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Anyone who works with IV units understands the daily struggles of trying to read unorganized IV bags and untangling lines, all while tripping over the unit’s base. Negotiating halls and rooms with a tipsy and fully loaded IV stand is also a frequent obstacle. But don’t lose hope, help is on the way! Pedigo’s Element IV stand is here to solve the two most common problems with your existing units.



Problem One: Clumsy and rusty bases 

The goal of any workspace includes the capability for hospital staff and patients to move and walk around their facility safely. In fact, getting patients up and mobile can play a crucial role in their healing.

Conventional IV stands feature a rust-prone chrome or aluminum base with sprawling legs that act as a trip hazard. This results in both patient and staff members tripping over the stand, and stations needing replacement thanks to corrosion.

Pedigo’s ClearStep base to the rescue

The patented ClearStep base is designed for safety, stability, and mobility. A cut out in the foot-fall area prevents tripping and eases ambulation, while the ClearStep’s 18-pound base offers a low center of gravity designed to allow two IV pumps safely.

But it doesn’t stop there.  The innovative base on the element allows the IV stands to link together, making transporting multiple IV stands appreciatively easier. Whether used for a patient with various pumps or moving stands into storage, everyone will appreciate the ClearStep base link-ability. Having the capability to fasten six elements together also results in a much neater solution to storing IV stands.

And because the ClearStep base is built from a high impact molded polymer, there is no need to worry about having to replace the base because of rust and corrosion!

Problem Two: Tangled lines from unorganized bags

Constantly rotated and tangled bags make it challenging to identify labels and adjust drip flows quickly. Not only do traditional poles offer an unorganized mess to work from, but the typical six-hook design is prone to bending and breaking as staff seek ways to keep the pole organized.

Pedigo’s ClearView Hook offers a solution

The new Element IV stands feature ClearView hooks, which organize bags by positioning them all in a forward-facing layout. Not only does this structure keep the units easy to read, but it also helps prevent IV lines from tangling.

Likes the element’s bottom half, the ClearView hook is constructed from a polymer, so the hooks will flex as opposed to snapping off and breaking the unit.

Pedigo’s Element IV stand works double duty

The Element IV stand was designed to alleviate the struggles of the traditional IV pole, not only for staff but patients too. No more tripping over IV stands, replacing rusted bases, frantically looking at IV bags, or stumbling over IV stands during multiple-unit transportation. The element is an IV stand that looks good and works even better. The Element is a stand you can handle.

Read more to better understand about how Pedigo’s new solution can help solve two of the most common problems of IV stands.

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