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How to Solve the Top 5 Pain Points of Off-Site Equipment Purchase

By CME Corp Staff on Sep 8, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Purchasing medical equipment for your newly constructed, expanded or remodeled off-site medical facility is not an easy task.  Off-site is different from reordering standard medical supplies, and requires additional research, order processing, tracking of shipments, receipt of products, end-use site delivery, and staging.

Being a complex task, it has several pain points that may include ordering errors, delivery challenges, damaged equipment, receiving, and opening delays.  At CME, we help customers to avoid these pain points when making purchases.

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5 Reasons You Need to Use an Equipment-Focused Distributor for your Medical Office Project

By CME Corp Staff on Aug 3, 2016 11:30:00 AM

Procuring all the different equipment items required to outfit a new construction, expansion, or remodeling project can be a daunting and stressful task.  That is why using an experienced equipment-focused distributor is essential for opening your new medical office on-time and in a cost-efficient manner.

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VA Construction Projects - Managing Equipment Delivery

By CME on May 21, 2016 1:00:00 PM

The Veterans Health Administration operates under government oversight to serve one of the world's largest healthcare populations.  The group currently operates 152 hospitals, 800 outpatient clinics, 126 nursing home units, and 35 domiciliaries.  

These facilities serve a large population of veterans and service personnel, and many of them are over 60 years old. The need for new and updated VA facilities has prompted multiple medical construction projects.

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6 Key Features of Direct-to-Site Medical Equipment Delivery

By CME on May 18, 2016 11:00:00 AM

As medical facilities and healthcare organizations across the nation continue to experience dramatic growth and expansion of both services and facilities, they also must grapple with the logistics challenges presented by such developments.

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3 Questions to Ask to Avoid Hidden Costs when Ordering Capital Equipment

By CME Corp Staff on Dec 23, 2015 10:00:00 AM

With the new focus of the Affordable Care Act hospitals are under increasing pressure to reduce costs while increasing the quality of care they provide and patient satisfaction.  This means that even medical equipment procurement has to be as efficient as possible to help keep overall hospital costs down.  So how do you uncover hidden costs and ensure you know what you're paying for?

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Improving the Efficiency of Receiving Capital Equipment

By CME Corp Staff on Nov 4, 2015 1:00:00 PM

If you're in the process of starting a new healthcare construction project or undergoing a major remodel of your current facility, then you'll likely need to purchase and receive new capital medical equipment.  And if you're looking to make this process as efficient as possible, you may wish to consider Direct-to-Site delivery services.

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2 Important Elements in Your New Equipment Acquisition: Staging & Direct-to-Site Delivery

By CME on Sep 23, 2015 10:00:00 AM

When you are engaged in a major new construction, expansion or remodeling project a prime concern is that of acquiring the equipment necessary to test and treat the patients as well as the furniture needed to outfit your new medical facility.  

To be sure that the equipment is delivered and set up in a timely manner and in proper operating condition, you should choose a medical equipment distributor that is experienced in doing just that.

Working with an experienced and dedicated equipment distributor streamlines the logistic process and provides two important elements that determines how the equipment will flow into your facility: assembly and staging, and direct-to-site delivery.

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5 Key Considerations for Satellite Facility Medical Equipment Deliveries

By CME on Aug 3, 2015 11:45:00 AM

Hospital system offsite healthcare facilities or satellite facilities have many of the same equipment needs as the parent facilities but have different setups when it comes to the delivery and reception of these items.  

The unique requirements for off-site facilities (like physician offices, surgery centers, and rehab centers) require some additional attention to allow for a smooth delivery process.  

Since equipment is frequently purchased through the purchasing department of the hospital or IDN (integrated delivery network), it is important to bear in mind the special requirements of these facilities. 

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4 Key Tips for Capital Medical Equipment Purchasing for Your Off-Site Locations

By Cindy Juhas on May 29, 2015 9:19:16 AM

Purchasing medical equipment is an entirely different animal when doing so for off-site locations, such as maternity clinics, freestanding ambulatory surgery centers, or imaging centers.  When buying for facilities outside of the main hospital, there are several third-party individuals involved in whom you must place your trust.  That said, having too many hands in the pot often leads to mistakes due to miscommunication, among other things.  To help you combat these errors, we’ve come up with four tips to keep in mind when purchasing capital medical equipment for off-site locations.

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5 Keys to Proper Setup of Medical Equipment

By CME on May 27, 2015 6:33:29 AM

While a competent, capable and expert team of staff members is the backbone of any hospital or healthcare facility, having up-to-date, functioning equipment can make it easier to provide extraordinary patient care.

Technologically advanced equipment not only improves patient satisfaction, but also increases staff efficiency - both of which lead to more revenue.  When you have ordered new medical equipment, how do you ensure that everything is set up properly and will be ready for immediate use?  

Here are five things to consider for the smoothest, most efficient equipment setup.

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