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Though the hospital industry has made great strides over the last few decades, more needs to be done going forward when it comes to patient safety and ambulation. One of the major problems regarding this issue—aside from the lack of proper equipment for patient ambulation—is that there is a great deal of inconsistency when it comes to protocols across hospitals; there is no concrete, streamlined process to rely on.



What happens when there are inconsistencies with protocols? 

As a result of this irregularity, the nursing staff may mismanage patients, which can lead to poor—and potentially dangerous—care for patients when getting them up and moving following a procedure. Patient mobility is so important, as post-surgical immobility can have various detrimental effects on a patient’s mind and body. The physiological effects may include: 

  • Bowel obstructions

  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

  • Pressure ulcers

  • Stroke

  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

  • Ventilator-associated pneumonia 

Immobility may also contribute to various levels of depression. Preventing these complications can benefit the patient and medical facility from a cost perspective and with better outcomes.

What other issues lead to poor patient ambulation?

Along with the issues associated with inadequate protocols, hospitals face other roadblocks when it comes to safe patient ambulation, including: 

  • Not enough nursing or aide staff to help patients get up and moving

  • The amount of time it takes to help patients in need of frequent ambulation

  • The amount of equipment that patients may require when they need to move

How can the Nezzie help with these problems?

The Nezzie by Blickman was created by a thoracic surgeon who saw these issues first-hand and designed a device to significantly improve patient ambulation. 

Potentially serving as the cornerstone that allows hospitals to establish and maintain a safe, effective and ongoing patient ambulation program, the Nezzie is specifically designed to reside bedside and requires no more room than a standard IV pole. It holds most devices, monitors, oxygen and IV poles, thereby eliminating the need to transfer and carry each item during ambulation. This creates a more efficient ambulation workflow, reducing the number of clinicians needed from three or more to as few as one. 3.jpg

This revolutionary new product is designed to: 

  • Facilitate frequent patient ambulation

  • Offer infection-controlled benefits with its antimicrobial paint and ability to remain bedside and dedicated to one patient at a time

  • Improve a patient’s sense of independence and psycho-social well-being

  • Increase department efficiency and workflow

  • Improve patient and staff safety

  • Increase patient and staff satisfaction

  • Lower incidence of readmission due to weakness, hospital-acquired debility and deconditioning

  • Reduce complications of immobility

What are some of the Nezzie's features?

The superior design and durable construction of the Nezzie: 

  • Allows it to hold more equipment than competitive products, yet remain stable, enhancing patient and staff safety

  • Offers wrap-around handle design that also contributes to patient safety and confidence during ambulation

  • Pivots 360 degrees in tight spaces

  • Is height adjustable and provides a retractable handle

  • Is third-party safety and stability tested


Now you can improve patient outcomes through the ease of mobility using the Nezzie’s revolutionary technology. Invest in the Nezzie today for a happier, healthier, and more profitable tomorrow.

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